Mailata Set to Join NFL Eagles

It’s the dead of the season and news haven’t been coming in torrents exactly. Yes, in the newsy blackout we have all been subjected to, Aussie giant competing for a spot with the NFL’s Eagles, Jordan Mailata, is definitely an item worthy of our attention.

With his 6-foot-8 and 346 pounds, Mr. Mailata doesn’t so much loom over the crowd. He is the crowd. If you think he’s flab, he’s got less than 10% body fat, which makes him a nimble offensive would-be NFL player. Uncharacteristically so, some say.

His origins can be traced back to rugby in Australia where he was playing before his local team asked him to shed 50 pounds as if it was nothing. Mr. Mailata firmly declined. At the age of 21, he had other ideas about how he should look. And can anyone really blame him? Plus, Mr. Mailata would have been burning through useful muscle mass, which he could have not done. So why subject himself to something that could potentially cripple his athletic prowess.

The Eagles Dote on their Own

The Eagles, though, liked Mr. Mailata just the way he was. They drafted him on April 30 and Mr. Mailata started his training. And it was quite some training given his background and complete lack of any knowledge pertaining to organized football game.

He turned out to be a quick study though. His Aussie rugby practice has taught him quite a fair bit how to play well on the offensive and that knowledge has been successfully translated into what makes him an important part of the Eagles composition. Mr. Mailata has been immensely appreciative of the opportunity that the Eagles have afford him.

In his own words, he was absolutely thrilled by the way the team had adopted him, for a want of a better word, and made him one of the key figures, doting on him both tactical knowledge and pieces of solid and more specific advice. It has been amazing to watch him grow, some of the team players have shared anonymously.

A Future for Mr. Mailata

Still, the Eagles are still probing the waters. They are not rushing to sign Mr. Mailata right off the bat as this will require some doing and he’s still inexperienced. According to sources within the team, Mr. Mailata is going to be released on September 1 and then the Eagles will offer him to sign up for the 10-man practice team.

Is there a risk? Of course! Someone may snap up Mr. Mailata, but there are two main deterrents to that. First, Mr. Mailata is inexperienced. Secondly, he’s actually quite appreciative of his new-found home and opportunity.

In other words, he’s also looking forward for a long stay with the team, even if it’ll take another year to have him trained and ready to roll. That doesn’t seem to bother the gentle giant Mr. Mailata.

Cultured, suave and civil, Mr. Mailata is an inspiration not only for athletes, but for anyone his age and future generations.

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