Maharashtra Gambling Laws May Begin

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Last week, the Pujab and Haryana High Court in India indicated the approval of online gambling laws that may allow for specific types of gaming throughout India. The law is mostly considering allowing fantasy sports betting. No official ruling has been announced; however, it does seem that the future may hold regulated gaming for India.

On Monday, March 19, 2018, The Hindu, reported Maharashtra’s state government intends to implement gambling laws very soon that would regulate online betting and gambling. Ranjit Patil, home minister, said the laws are similar to current legislation that oversees gaming activities and live betting. A date for these laws to be put into effect was not provided.

Patil did comment in front of the Legislative Council, during a debate, that laws will be coming soon. The debate was about India Private Limited, the Game King, in which the company was allegedly operating illegal betting schemes. Police arrested Ramesh Chaurasia regarding these allegations.

Chaurasia allegedly operated 500 illegal gaming parlors throughout Mumbai, and in six other places around India, as well as in fifteen countries. Chaurasia was cited for disguising parlors as video game locations. He holds a license to operate video game parlors. The games according to the investigation were rigged so that customers would not win.

Online Gambling in India

Like much of the world, India has seen a spike in popularity for gambling in recent years. However, India lacks legislative guidance; especially, when it comes to daily fantasy sports and poker, which are the most popular games.

The High Court and Patil have expressed regulating the gambling market to ensure online gaming is safe for the many people who wish to partake in it.

Among the companies looking to move into the Indian market is PokerStars. The online poker portal has wanted to partner with India for some time. They are looking to form a relationship with Sugal and Damani to break into the Indian market. PokerStars does have to wait for the online gambling laws to change. The current laws protect against outside companies from opening online websites for Indian players.

In anticipation of the ability, PokerStars has already set up. Visitors who go to the website see a “coming soon,” message. There is no date to say what “soon” will be, but the announcement of Patil and the High Courts bolsters the companies confidence that it will be much sooner than expected.

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