Luxor eSports Games Get a New Leg Up with the Arena

Thursday, March 29, 2018, is going to be a major day in Las Vegas. According to press releases, the day will be one of the most historic for eSports on the Las Vegas Strip. The Luxor is opening a new eSports arena. It is considered state of the art with its gaming technology. The success or failure of the location is going to shape the eSports industry, according to analysts and media. Jud Hannigan, CEO of Allied eSports said the complex provides the sounds and sights of a regular sports complex to make people feel the same mood.

It is a proud moment for Hannigan and those who helped design the eSports Arena. It is the first permanent eSports location in Las Vegas, and particularly on the Strip. It is going to host the most significant eSports tournaments the world has to offer. Prize money is in the tens of thousands. It is a near era for the eSports world.

Hannigan told media that there is a risk to the new facility and he feels they are blazing a path for the history of eSPorts, where there has not been a significant amount of history to be proud of in the industry.

The Luxor Building

Luxor invested in the 30,000 square foot arena, which shows that eSports are too massive to ignore anymore. eSports is going to reach the billion-dollar mark in three years, according to top financial analysts. There are already people betting on eSports, which is outpacing some of the traditional sports people used to bet on, such as rugby and golf.

The director of gaming at UNLV, Brett Abarbanel, says the casinos are figuring out that they need to get a piece of the eSports industry to keep their revenue growing given how essential eSports has become. Nevada is also the only state at the moment that allows you to put wagers down on eSports tournaments legally.

The level of interest is growing. It is not going to dissipate or slow down anytime soon, according to Brett. The casino’s industry feels fans and players around the world are going to want to come to the Luxor to watch the games, bet on eSports teams, and enjoy the League of Legends, soccer and even Pong.

Junior Tyler Tsunezumi, at UNLV, is one of the people who is looking to make a career in eSports. His parents support him. Tyler said he might have a job in the arena and be on camera while the cameras stream the tournaments.

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