Luckbox Joins Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC)

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Blockchain operator Luckbox is a platform that focuses on esports betting. The platform has just broken out a press release announcing its new membership status into the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), a special watchdog organization focused on maintaining esports integrity and competitions free of match-fixing.

Luckbox and its ESIC Future

Blockchain betting agency Luckbox has announced that it has joined the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC). ESIC is a newly set-up independent body that investigates alleged fraud and match-fixing in the world of professional video gaming.

In the official press statement, Luckbox expressed their commitment to offering players a “safe and secure way” to place bets on the outcomes of matches and events they enjoy. The statement also pointed out the merits of ESIC, as an institution created to preserve the integrity of the industry.

Being at the forefront of cryptocurrency esports betting, Luckbox CEO Lars Lien has outlined the mission of Luckbox to abide by the existing regulation and also commended the efforts done to bolster security in the segment, citing the excellent opportunities ahead of the industry.

Mr. Lien equally talked about Luckbox and the mission the platform has set out to achieve

The strength and balance of our team has allowed us to develop a platform that feels second-nature to esports fans but also to think like a major betting operator – not least in terms of infrastructure, marketing and, of course, regulatory compliance,’ – Luckbox CEO Lars Lien

To promote its platform, Luckbox works with Paul Chaloner also known as Redeye, who is a famous esports commentator who aids the company as an advisor and ambassador. Mr. Chaloner appeared in the October 23’s live stream of the ESL One Hamburg as co-commentator with other noteworthy experts.

Bringing Value to the Industry

Mr. Chaloner’s own views coincide with those of Luckbox. He has clearly stated that he holds esports betting to be the potential source of great value to the esports betting industry, and he personally believes ‘that it can bring great value to the industry but only if it’s done properly, with the right regulation and a willingness to educate the audience’.

ESIC Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith also took the opportunity to share his content with the addition of Luckbox to the family, adding, “It is always gratifying to welcome new members into ESIC and Luckbox is a fantastic addition to our coalition. It improves the global reach and effectiveness of our suspicious bet alert network and enhance our participant education programme.”

Smith also explained that “responsible betting operators like Luckbox are the core of safe gambling on safe esports events and we look forward to working with them to provide punters with a great experience and esports with a secure interface between tournaments and gambling on those tournaments.”

Hours before Luckbox contacted us with the news, we saw Unikrn, another agency and a founding father of ESIC, obtain its esports betting license with the news being picked up by major outlets out there.

As a result, the company will try to promote esports betting across the United States, and more specifically in up to 41 states where such activities are legal. The license has been obtained by Isle of Man, one of the whitelisted jurisdictions that can issue licenses.

Meanwhile, Luckbox’s decision to join the ESIC is important in itself as it outlines the future direction the platform wants to take. Inclusion in the ESIC is not in itself tantamount to impeccable reputation, but Luckbox have been providing quality coverage beyond their main operations.

In a podcast, they continue to invite esports personalities and ask their opinions on pressing issues in the industry as well as discussing business-specific topics. Luckbox’s inclusion in ESIC is a good thing.

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