Luckbox Appoints New Head of Product

Esports blockchain-based start-up Luckbox has added Aleksandar Dimitrov as Head of Product, the company announced in a press release. Dimitrov’s background includes companies such as Playtech.

Luckbox Hires Head of Product

On November 1, Luckbox announced that it’s adding Bulgarian Aleksandar Dimitrov as Head of Product – Sportsbook. Dimitrov has worked as Head of Product at Lottotech and as product manager at Playtech. Stepping into the new job, he will collaborate with Luckbox’s own team in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Dimitrov comes from a professional background that involves 15 years in related sectors, 10 of which were exclusively related to the gambling segment, the press release read.

Luckbox is a company, which is involved in all the areas I am really passionate about – gambling, software, gaming and crypto. – Head of Product at Luckbox, Aleksandar Dimitrov

Dimitrov shared his excitement about the opportunity that now lay ahead, pointing out to the team’s expertise and excitement to be part of the future development of the platform. All of Luckbox’s Plovdiv-based team seem to be gamers, according to Dimitrov, who himself started as early as 1999 with StarCraft.

Dimitrov talked about different esports of his time and how he continually followed the scene and its development, citing titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2), and League of Legends (LoL), among others.

His appointment will help Luckbox further develop its offer while fully complying with the norms and regulations mandated by the company’s Isle of Man licence. Luckbox has managed to obtain the licence after a careful vetting process and Isle of Man is known as one of the world’s strictest jurisdictions.

Speaking of the specific achievements of the blockchain-based platform that is readying up for launch in 2019, Luckbox also joined the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), just recently, promising to continue the fight against match-fixing and cheating in the professional esports sector, which is crucial for fans, companies, tournament organizers, and even the activity of betting on games itself.

Luckbox in the World of Tomorrow

With the company’s development efforts continuing, Luckbox has been working on releasing the full version of its platform in early 2019. Meanwhile, another ESIC fellow member, Unikrn, has also managed to obtain a license from the Isle of Man.

Last week, Unikrn obtained its own license preparing to launch esports across the United States on a larger scale and benefiting directly from the recent repeal of PASPA, a piece of legislation that made sports betting illegal on a federal level.

The company has been excited to move into the segment and spearhead its future development. At the same time, Luckbox has been methodically pushing towards its full release that will come in 2019. Other than the work put into the release of the full platform, Luckbox has notably been working on a podcast series and a news section.

Its addition to the ESIC along with other respected members is evidence of the company’s dedication to keeping esports free of match-fixing threatening the competitive scene well before it has been established in earnest.

Dimitrov’s addition to the team, Luckbox hopes, will help the company further develop its offering while upholding the values of fair esports.

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