Liverpool Primed for a Championship Future

Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp has been one of the most notable figures in football. With apparent optimistic gait and a seemingly readiness to talk to every member of the press, Klopp has been winning the affection of the crowds, both affiliated and opposing. It’s hard to imagine Klopp in a role different than the one he currently stands in as the man behind the curtains of FC Liverpool.

Revitalizing the Reds

Klopp has decided to step up his game, shedding around $224m on acquiring new players, including Alisson, Naby Keita, Fabinho and Xherdan Shaqiri. Liverpool are definitely trying to find their feet and catch up to Manchester City, their age-old enemies who have been quite happy to finish last season with 25-point advantage over them.

The additions, Klopp estimates, will be necessary in order for Liverpool to qualify for the championship, which is their main objective presently. Liverpool has definitely been spending a lot of money on acquisitions over the past 12 months, making it one of the clubs out there that is only too happy to untie their purse for new stars.

One may wonder where all Liverpool’s money come from? Well, the sale of Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona in January for the whopping $187m has most certainly helped the club be well off financially. The owners have been contributing too.

The Zen in Liverpool

Speaking to the BBC, Klopp has revealed something immensely interesting about the psychology of the club. Apparently, nobody in the club cared about the outside pressure insofar as it didn’t impede their game in any significant way.

In Klopp’s own account, his role was to teach his team play football and not worry about exterior factors over which he or any individual member had little influence.

“We need to play football and that is 80% of the season, if not 90%, the hardest work. The 10% is the day when you go bang, bang, bang and win 5-0. Wow. That is football.”

At the same time, Klopp is not what he calls a “dreamer,” by which he means that while a lot of people spend time hoping to win a title, he and his team work hard. Even then, he’s not definitive about whether his team can actually make it through to the finals of the next championship, especially in the face of strong opposition, such as Manchester City themselves.

The English Football Glory

The English championship is one of the strongest in the world. However, it’s become an increasingly international affair. While the home game is strong, the nationals didn’t perform so well at the 2018 World Cup. This has no implications for the game of Liverpool whatsoever.

However, the best English clubs have become excessively dependent on talent that they usually find elsewhere. This is by no stretch a bad thing. And then again, the question remains – will the bulky investment pay off? Will Liverpool come back in the next championship at the very top and achieve what they have all been hoping for?

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