Liverpool Faces Arsenal on Saturday, November 3

Arsenal will be facing off Liverpool in yet another match of the English Premier League (EPL). The Gunners have had a difficult run so far, and most recently finished with a draw against Crystal Palace. The question remains if they change their fortunes in the upcoming game versus the tournament’s unbeaten leaders?

Will Arsenal’s Unbeaten Run Play a Trick on Them?

On November 2, 2018 Arsenal will be facing off Liverpool as part of the English Premier League (EPL). Liverpool has so far played without conceding a single loss whereas Arsenal had a rough start of the season. Still, the Gunners have managed to achieve a good form by remaining unbeaten several games.

Last week, Arsenal met Crystal Palace in a game that finished tied at 2-2, although Crystal Palace seemed to be the team with fewer chances to make a difference. Even though Arsenal was supposed to win, no conclusions can be drawn from the match.

Even Chelsea faltered against West Ham, also finishing at a draw. With this in mind, Jurgen Klopp’s football squad will be more likely to give Arsenal trouble. Mr. Klopp and Liverpool haven’t lost a single game since the beginning of the EPL season, which puts them in a unique position to dictate much of the action on the stadium.

British media has also been torn between whether Arsenal have really improved their form, with BBC reporting that Arsenal were “no longer a soft touch”. However, others continue to doubt their ability to play at the highest level again.

Doubts from Within

Even former Arsenal striker Paul Mariner spoke to a media outlet, commenting that Liverpool will win in the upcoming game, with Mr. Mariner arguing that the team has a very strong offensive, which is tough to defeat.

However, Mr. Mariner wasn’t wishing the defeat of his former team. More specifically, he argued that this would be the biggest test that Arsenal has come to yet. A defeat over Liverpool would go a long way to consolidate the team’s presence in the higher echelons of the EPL.

And as the divide in the media has been growing, so have the published materials outlined two different scenarios for the teams. According to the Independent, Liverpool cannot afford to lose the game or even concede a lead in the game, as they have also been playing at the peak of their abilities, with some of the footballers already complaining from injuries. Nevertheless, Liverpool seem poised to take on the Gunners.

As tensions mount, the onus is on the managers to calm everyone down. Mr. Klopp held his press conference at 10:30 AM GMT at Melwood on Friday, November 2, in anticipation of the upcoming game.

Mr. Klopp appeared confident and he humored both the abilities of his own footballers as well as those of Arsenal. However, he agreed that Arsenal are a strong opponent who have to be taken seriously and played against very carefully.

Mr. Klopp hinted at the injuries in his own team but he let it be known that this would not stop Liverpool in the slightest.

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