Liverpool Aware of Cardiff City Qualities in EPL Match

Liverpool continues to dominate the English Premier League (EPL) the team is just a point behind Manchester City, and today’s match against Cardiff will be a chance for the team to catch up to the leaders Manchester City.

Liverpool Plays Cardiff

Liverpool has had a series of successful matches, pulling a tie with Chelsea on 29 September. The match proved intense, but ultimately, having two teams of the highest tier play against each other was not very likely to end differently.

Under the leadership of their German trainer Jürgen Norbert Klopp, Liverpool are facing off Cardiff City, one of the minnows of the English Premier League (EPL). Following a series of successes against all but one team, Liverpool is intent on overwhelming the struggling Cardiff.

Part, if not all, of this success is courtesy of Mr. Klopp himself who has revealed for a Telegraph article that his team did put extra effort to stay on top of their game, and put themselves in a position where they dictate the outcome of their matches. Asked if he considers Liverpool to be “virtually unbeatable” in this season of the Premier League, Mr. Klopp warded off the question with laughter.

“We are aware of the quality of Cardiff. Last week gave them a big boost but before they were not bad, the games before then were pretty tight, and they could have got a different result. – Liverpool Manager Jürgen Klopp about Cardiff City

Mr. Klopp also demonstrated his sportsmanship by commenting on Cardiff’s own results so far, adding that the team deserved Liverpool’s respect and that they would get it.

Responding to the Challenge

Despite Cardiff City’s poor track record, the team has the qualities to be in the EPL, experts agree. Last week, the team defeated Fulham in an intense and point-rich match, managing their first victory in the competition, which was a feat in its own right.

With Cardiff realising the danger of playing Liverpool, the team’s manager, Neil Warnock, joked at the conference, though keeping a straight face, that his team is capable of “causing trouble”.

That seems to be the case and while Cardiff may have been struggling to stay at the top all the time, they have the dedication and attention to gameplay that could potentially lead them to a victory or in the very least – a draw, against the team that is expected to dominate the EPL.

Mr. Klopp has been paying his colleague Warnock what he considered deserved compliments, expressing his appreciation for the work his homologue had done as pat of Cardiff City.

Temporary setbacks, Mr. Klopp seemed to think, can be overcome and that is why Liverpool must face Cardiff City no different than they had faced any other team in the championship, from the highest echelons to the bottom of the rank list.

The game is taking place at 16:00 (CET) Central European Time, allowing everyone to tune in and watch. Liverpool has much to gain by expanding on its victory track right now and so it should.

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