Liverpool and Manchester City Emerge as Leaders in EPL

The English Premier League (EPL) has excited soccer fans both domestic and foreign. The event has taken on quite the impressive dimensions, offering fast-paced football derby and not as many surprises as we had expected prior to the first referee whistle. And now that one week is nearly done and dusted, we have time to sit down and ask ourselves – what exactly did we learn?

Manchester City are in a Better Form than Ever

Manchester City are definitely stepping up their game. After their triumph over The Gunners from Arsenal with 2-0, the team has shaped up to be a well-oiled machine ready to take on new challenges. Unlike their sworn enemies from Manchester United, City’s game was simply exemplary. They forged ahead with excellent plays throughout week one.

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s new coach, Unai Emery has been struggling to find his feet playing against some of the world’s most accomplished teams. With over 30 matches to go through, should the team manage to walk it all the way to the finals, Manchester City have a long way ahead of them and they definitely don’t lack competition.

Liverpool Eyes the Grand Prize

Liverpool started the tournament lightly, disposing of West Ham with 4-0 and giving themselves a solid advantage in the league. Nobody could really believe what was happening. Despite their runner-up status, Liverpool managed to obliterate any hope in West Ham that things might have been turned around, with every goal being another nail in the coffin of the dismayed West Hammers.

To be honest, though, Liverpool did cough up over $210 million on new acquisitions. The team came under some heavy criticism for their thrifty purchasing habits, but there have also been staunch defenders of the club’s decision to spend money on streamlining its roster.

Manchester United Possibly Find their Feet

Back to the sworn enemies of City, Manchester United managed a respectable win over Leicester with 2-1. The game had quite to do with to-and-fro, but ultimately the Red Devils managed to score a second point in the goalie of Leicester and settled the score.

Man United had a rather poor pre-season which put many experts in doubt whether the team would be able to beat on and perform well in the league. These concerns are understandable, of course.

But given the current results, we would rather say that they are a bit blown. Still, the next game of the team will be another gauge of their performance and how well they have recuperated from a rather modest season.

A League Full of Surprise

Ultimately, it will be up to Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and possible Manchester United and Arsenal to divvy up the trophy. It’s been like this for a long time and the competition between the leaders of the pack will be most fierce.

Looking into the odds, though, it’s certainly City, Liverpool, and Chelsea that seem to have the upper hand. But more matches are needed to reveal a leader. Good thing then that those are coming shortly.

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