Lithuania’s Basketball Club Tries for eSports Titles

Lithuania’s eSports basketball club, BC Zalgiris announced it would become part of the eSports industry by creating teams. The teams will play in the League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The rosters for who will play will go through the Baltic eSports organizations, Baltic Elite and Gameplay DNA. BC Zalgiris is one of the oldest teams in Europe that has competed in the EuroLeague. The EuroLeague is a pro basketball competition in Europe.

Two NBA teams, in the US, have gained NA LCS franchise spots. They paid $13 million each. The franchises are Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. Basketball Club Zalgiris announced a press conference regarding their eSports division.

The people chosen for the teams are those who already compete in Lithuanian eSports Baltic Elite and Gameplay DNA. The new team is going by the name Zalgiris eSports. The club director, Paulius Motiejunas, said they wish to reach the audience by elevating Lithuanian eSports. They want to reach the international stage.

Hearthstone’s Witchwood recently announced an update. It is one of the games the Lithuania teams will compete in. To be competitive, they are going to need to read about the updates and what it may have changed for the game. Updates are meant to improve gameplay regarding issues that may prevent proper play.

Club Plans to Compete

The club is going to compete at the InfoShow and GameOn. These are the two largest gaming events in the Baltic. There is hope that they will compete at DreamHack, ESEA, BESL, and other major league tournaments. BC Zalgiris is the first professional sports team to be a part of Hearthstone. Most of the eSports competitors in Hearthstone are free agents.

Lithuania considered basketball the national sport, and eight Zalgiris players have played in the NBA. The club plays EuroLeague’s top basketball competitions, which is second only to the NBA. The arena has the 15k capacity and is named the Zalgiris Arena. It is located in Kaunas.

Lithuania might have read the news about elite athletes in the eSports arena, which has prompted their entry into eSports with more fervor. Many of the countries around the world are starting to gain entry into eSports by pairing their popular sports teams with top eSports gamers.

The US is leading in this industry change, but clearly, Lithuania knows it is possible to gain more fans and money by creating teams that can compete in the top eSports competitions.

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