LeoVegas Launches Traineeship Programme

LeoVegas has been one of the brightest examples of what a good business in the iGaming industry can do. With solid financial results and their attention to detail, and most importantly – their customers, LeoVegas is synonymous of the highest standards in the industry. Today, they reveal a yet another commendable initiative – The Leo Regulus Global Traineeship Programme. Let’s find out more.

What’s It to Be an Engineer at LeoVegas?

With Swedish excellence written all over it, LeoVegas has never stopped expanding the industry’s frontiers. The latest initiative aptly named The LeoRegulus Global Traineeship Programme will pluck promising engineering graduates and offer them a chance to work within one of the world’s largest iGaming house names.

The project serves two purposes. It clearly intends to attract the top crop of talent with interest in the iGaming business, but also seeks to help women pursue a career in tech. Apart from the LeoRegulus Global Traineeship Programme, the company is also interested in handing out its namesake Tech Award, which will focus on raising awareness of tech and AI among women, as per LeoVegas’ official statement.

As part of the Traineeship Programme, those individuals who have the technical savvy and merit to join LeoVegas’ team will participate for a period of 12 months, which will allow them unique insight into how LeoVegas manages to stay at the forefront of the industry as a GameTech company.

The lucky candidates will be based in Stockholm, but they are more than likely to travel to other destinations across Europe, which will help them quickly grow professionally and acquire the necessary skills and professional insight. More information, including how to apply for both programs will be found at LeoVegas’ own page.

The Tech Awards and LeoVegas

The LeoVegas Tech Award will be open to all companies where the female workers are welcomed and moreover where the companies are trying to promote technology among young women who may want to choose AI or technology as a future career path. The Tech Awards is worth SEK 100,000 and all applications should be submitted by October 30.

LeoVegas’ involvement in numerous segments has been quite remarkable. The operator managed to acquire Pixel.bet, a dedicated esports bookmaker. Meanwhile, LeoVegas has been fighting off a right-wing instigated ban in Italy where the company has a strong presence.

The specific ban targets the advertisement of any form of gambling or iGaming industries, which may take a toll on the company’s finances. However, the Tech Company has seen the ban for what it is – an attempt to rally popular indignation against a segment that can easily be cast as corrupt.

With LeoVegas current initiatives, the company is clearly casting itself as a leading operator in tech and social causes. Despite a minor controversy back in May 2018 when the operator was fined for accepting bets from problem gamblers, the company has had a stellar track record.

The latest initiative is just a proof that LeoVegas clearly has been working on its integrity and business model that prioritize customer safety and social responsibility.

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