Last Minute Senate Help Allows Non-Tribal Casino

Non-Tribal Casinos

Connecticut has been deciding if they would allow a competitive bid process to build a non-tribal casino. In a move on Friday, February 23, 2018, Jeffrey Berger, a senator, helped push a public hearing about a bill that will award the project to MGM Resorts or other big resort names. The legislature voted 18 to 6 in favor of holding public hearings for the bidding process on a non-tribal casino. There were objections from the General Assembly Public Safety.

No one has thought the proposals for casino expansion would go through; especially, with three senators trying to block it from happening. They rejected calls about the casino expansion regarding those who were in favor of allowing it to happen.

Berger was able to gain support from other committee members and get a hearing on the bill. The process is still going on because now it is in the House, and that may not always help the law get passed, even if the Senate has allowed it to happen.

There are individuals in the House that are not very supportive of the open bidding discussion and who view gambling as an improper way of getting revenue for the state.

Larson who did not want the public hearings to occur made a statement about the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan Tribes, who operate Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. The two casinos are helping Connecticut revenue by operating their casinos. In fact, they have supported by about $7 billion.

MGM Resorts

Larson said that MGM is a “one-trick pony.” The casino resort company offers a lot, but when it comes time to providing they may not be able to give everything they promised.

People who voted against the public hearing did so because they do not believe it is the time to have casino expansion. They do not think it is an efficient use of the legislative sessions.

One of the supporters for the expansion said the timing should not matter, since the concept of an open bidding process is about increasing revenue for the state, so it is a proper time to discuss what the senate and house can do for the state.

It is also stated that because the bill is being discussed in public hearings does not mean it will become law. There are still hoops to jump through for those who want to try to open a non-tribal casino in Connecticut. MGM has not won yet.


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