Ladies’ Wimbledon Odds Favoring Kvitová

The men have played their tennis matches on the grass at Wimbledon, now it is the ladies turn. The final has not occurred yet, but in the first round Andy Murray did play Benoit Paire.

Andy Murray suffered an injury, so it was unsure if he would play against the Frenchman.

Serena Williams is seeded for Wimbledon, something that has not always occurred since she has been back on the circuit.

WTA rankings are important when it comes to seeding a player at Wimbledon or any other tournament such as the Grand Slam. But, some tournaments also take into account a player’s history on grass courts. Wimbledon is the only tournament major that is played on grass, so it matters that a player has some prowess when it comes to seeding.

Several factors will account for how a player is seeded, including whether a player has had an injury, been away from the game for other reasons, such as pregnancy. Serena Williams was not in major tournaments last year because of her pregnancy. She lost some of her world rankings by taking the year off, and that put her in 183rd position. But, we all know Serena Williams is not that low when it comes to players of the world.

The All England Club is able to make seeding changes if there is a need to produce a balanced draw. This happened on Wednesday for Serena who was given number 25. In the French Open, Serena had to go unseeded. The US Open also considers returns from pregnancy when they seed players.

Serena Williams Odds

Currently the odds for Serena are +5—for her to get an eighth Wimbledon title. She is the second favorite to win. Martina Navratilova is the record holder for Wimbledon titles, because she has nine. Many think Serena will be able to get the eighth title and may even try to play to gain another in 2019.

When Serena played in 2015 and 2016, she gained the title. The Wimbledon draw is set to happen Friday, and Serena is likely to face players ranked in the 1 to 8 positions in the third rounds.

Venus is not on par with her sister regarding titles. She is seeded 9th with +5000 odds, and she is a five time Wimbledon Champ. The current favorite to win the title is actually Petra Kvitová, who is +450 odds. She is seeded 8th and has two Wimbledon titles. But, Williams may still win.

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