LA Poker Open Surpassess $200,000 Guaranteed Money

The LA Poker Open (LAPO) continues at full blast at The Commerce Casino on the fringes of Los Angeles. The event started on November 2 and it will be going on until November 18 with players having a shot at $500,000 in guaranteed prizing money , and the amount growing steadily throughout the competition.

The LA Open Catches the Eye of the Locals

With 18 events and accommodating buy-ins between $120 and $1,100, the LA Poker open is quite popular among high-rollers and budget players alike. The event is organized by popular tournament directors Matt Savage and Justin Hammer.

Hosted at The Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, Southern California, the event has seen a significant interest on the part of players streaming to the casino to try their luck up against equally matched opponents.

Because of the interest, the LAPO $1,100 No Limit Hold’em Main Event has managed to amass $500,000 in prizing money, more than double the original $200,000 estimate. The big showdown will be taking place towards the end of the competition from November 15 through November 18.

As to the specifics of the event, players will start off with 30,000 chips to their name and continue through 40-minute blind levels. Interestingly enough, each player will be allowed to re-enter once, and that’s both to help grow the prize pool, but also allow participants have another go at the big money.

Players who have managed to amass significant chips in Day 1 will be allowed to carry the amount over in Day 2. In the event that a player manages to rake in multiple stacks, the lower stacks will be automatically forfeited, but the players will be rewarded with a small payment to offset this.

While the festival continues, the hosts have thought of a clever way to keep everyone interested in the Main Event. A satellite tournament with an entry level of $175 is hosted nearly every day at the casino, and will continue for the next four days ahead of the Main.

Hitting a Freeroll with the Main

After the dust of the Main Event has settled, LAPO will carry on with another event, the so-called LAPO No Limit Hold’em Send Off Freeroll, which will award the first ten players in the overall standing a $1,100 buy-in packed for the so-called LAPC event.

Players in the LAPC will start off with 2,5000 chips and the blinds will go up every 15 minutes, which presupposes a very quick level of play where stalling is not anyone’s best friend. People will be able to rebuy at $20 per 5,000 chips.

Late registrations will also be available, so players interested in signing up later than the majority of gamers are very welcome to do so.

The Los Angeles Poker Open has been one of the most notable events in the city. The hosts have so far been running a successful festival, which is likely to scale up and turn into a tradition, with the event taking place every year moving forward.

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