La Liga Will Hold an eSports Competition

La Liga

La Liga has announced they are launching an inaugural eSports tournament. La Liga is the organizing body behind two football leagues in Spain. They want to have an eSports competition in Spain, with a slogan

“It is not football, it’s La Liga.”

La Liga eSports said they are trying to get more millennials involved by engaging with a popular sector in gaming. They are attempting to reach more audiences by gaining a new demographic.

La Liga eSports has not said what it is going to entail, but that it has several projects in mind that will bring football and eSports together. They hope that people will want to watch eSports just as much as they enjoy watching football tournaments. The long-term goal of the organization is to make it an international one. They hope if everyone sees success in Spain with combining eSports and sports fans that it will begin to spread throughout Europe and into other countries.

It may be possible, after all, EA Sports Fifa 18 is meant to do the same thing, and it is giving La Liga the core to begin. La Liga has worked with EA in the past. They did make their intentions clear that they wish to have multiple eSports titles, which may mean that Fifa may lose to Pro Evolution Soccer as a preference for football games. There is nothing decided yet regarding which games are going to be played and whether or not EA will be the main one.

Barcelona Announcement about eSports

La Liga’s news report comes on the heels of Barcelona’s announcement to get into eSports. La Liga is competing in the eFootball. Pro PES tournament, with Gerard Pique as the defender. He is also the president and founder of the

La Liga is not the first to look at the sporting league and combine it with eSports. The last few months have seen NFL, NBA, and MLS taking a step towards uniting real sports fans and eSports gaming. The leagues are allowing eSports to use their respective titles as a way to cultivate interest.

eSports Insider made a statement that it is nice to see La Liga stepping in and trying to combining football and eSports. It is nice that many are trying to develop their brand locally, as well as on a global scale. It is going to be fascinating to watch how La Liga begins their eSports presence with fans.


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