Kindred Group Keeps Responsible Gambling Efforts in Nordics

Kindred Group's logo and that of Gambling Therapy

Responsible gambling has been an important part of how gambling groups want to see themselves these days. More importantly, it’s how business wants to advertise to customers, observers, and regulators. It’s understandable, then, why companies of the stature of Kindred Groups will continue to remind about their commitment to responsible gambling practises.

Kindred Minds on Social Checks

Kindred Group, one of the largest gambling agencies that operates in the Nordics region, has decided to re-double its efforts insofar as safe gaming is concerned. The company has mentioned the recent success of its native mobile app, which has helped it gather useful data on its customers and identify cases where gamblers may need help.

Dubbed as “Gambling Therapy,” the app has been backed by the Group for a number of months now, even though Kindred-owned 32Red has been recently slapped with a solid fine over a failure to offer assistance to a problem gambler.

As to the Gambling Therapy solution itself, the app comes along with a set of tools which are designed to help people identify a problem and exclude themselves, or in the very least – stay in control of how much they commit and bet online.

Because of Kindred’s continuous support, the app has been localized in several languages, including Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. Kindred’s now mulling its next move.

According to the Group’s Integrity Boss Maris Bonello, Kindred’s focus on safety and security remains intact. The main objective of the company is to protect users from harm that may come to them via over-indulgence in a pastime.

Kindred has helped localize the platform which has elicited the praise of Adele Duncan, Gambling Therapy c-level executive. Meanwhile, it has become known that the company has applied for a new license in Sweden, complying with local regulation processes. At the same time, Kindred has also been trying to expand its operations in sunny Madrid, Spain.

Blowing Hot and Cold

Kindred has stayed true to its commitment to the sector. The company has also recently signed up a distribution deal with iGaming content developer Pragmatic Play in Italy. The company has been pleased with the development, touting the success of Pragmatic as a studio.

By adding Pragmatic to the list of providers, Kindred is diversifying its portfolio and making use of the reputation of world-class developers. Part of the social responsibility checks program the operator has employed has to do with verifying the so-called return-to-player rates or how much individual gamers are paid.

This is feasible with the help of third-party independent auditors and regulators who make sure that the Random Number Generator (RNG) have been fine-tuned to genuinely reflect the probable outcomes.

Efforts to make the gambling industry more transparent and reliable have been quite sustained. It’s not just in the Nordics region that companies are targeting with their responsibility practises. Elsewhere, too, everyone is interested in creating a safe environment which will allow people vulnerable to gambling addiction to find the means to fight off the disease.
Kindred’s initiative is one of many others.


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