Kevin Hart Gets Involved in Poker

Kevin Hart is a popular actor and comedian who has starred along Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in a number of movies. Hart has now decided that he is going to be involved in poker and he has done so by showing up at major poker tournaments such PokerStars to provide a dash of humor to the event. Besides making a guest appearance at the events, Hart has decided to team up with PokerStars to release a series of videos that entail specific strategies on how to improve your skill-set.

Hart is known for his entertaining abilities which he will bring to the videos, no doubt. As much as the videos will be entertaining, the main purpose is for them to be educational, which Hart will deliver. PokerStars has opted to have Hart as the instructor in the videos as opposed to a dull presenter since viewers are more likely to pay close attention to an entertainer than a boring person

The videos will cover all aspects of poker and will be suited for all skill levels, whether you are a beginner or advanced. Some of the aspects that will be covered include how to evade showing tells and learning the skill of bluffing. The videos are not detailed, although, there is enough content for beginners to improve. The videos are succinct and short, and currently, the videos are available on PokerStars’ YouTube channel.

The YouTube Videos

Hart’s first two videos were uploaded on YouTube last week and the videos have already garnered a viewership of more than 12000 people. Hart partook in the PokerStars Championships on the 21st of January when he went up against Mila Munroe. Hart showed that he is not at an advanced level when it was revealed that Mila was not holding any serious cards. Munroe attempted to bluff Hart, but the comedian kept calling Munroe’s bets. When Munroe revealed her cards, Hart followed suit and he revealed his straight. Then, Hart realized that he only had a King-High hand. Mila did not have anything to show as the bluff came to an end and Hart ended up taking the win and pocketing $40,000.

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