Kazuo Okada May Face Charges in Philippines

Kazuo Okada was arrested and faced charges of fraud and perjury. The case was started by the Philippines through the Paranaque Prosecutors Office. Okada is a billionaire from Japan. He has earned his billions through the casino industry.

Tiger Resorts Leisure and Entertainment is his former company, who tried to sue him for ten million USD. The charges are now being dismissed and dropped due to issues with probable cause—there is no cause. Well, at least that is what the announcement stated, but the Philippine’s Department of Justice does not seem to agree with all the charges being dropped. Okada may find the DOJ filing charges.

Philippine Justice Chief, Menardo Guevarra stated the PPO may not have a finalized decision. He says there still exists a possibility that charges will be filed based on petitions. The DOJ may see things differently, and resolutions may be put aside or reversed if probable cause or other evidence comes to light.

A technicality may be the reason for the current decision by the DOJ. The case was blasted onto social media before the PPO could even get the investigation completed, with the parties involved in the lawsuit being named. It may be this breach of social media information that causes the case to be dropped. The TRLEI or Tiger Resorts accused the PPO prosecutor, Amerhassan Paudac of partiality and that is why the suit was dropped. Paudac is no longer on the case. Also, Jorge Catalan Jr, Prosecutor General, left the case. The DOJ is asking the National Bureau of Investigation to see where the leak came from regarding the social media information.

The background for the lawsuit goes back to January. Tiger Resorts filed against Okada saying he illegally disbursed company funds. Okada, according to the suit, took $3.1 million dollars that was listed as salaries and consultancy fees. He was a CEO for the resort for a month in 2017. Apparently, the company thinks that was too high a paycheck for his monthly time spent.

Takahiro Usui is the chief operating officer and was at the time. Usui is also named as part of the suit. The fraud charge has to do with a deal between Okada Manila and Aruze Philippines Manufacturing. The deal shows a $7 million contract with the manufacturing company.

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