Kangwon Land Casino Will Close 2 Hours Earlier

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Kangwon Land, the only legal casino in South Korea, will soon reduce its trading hours by 120 minutes as the casino plans to remain on good terms with its government. At the end of last year, the country’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism demanded that the casino reduce its daily trading hours from 20 to 18. Now, they will have to lower it to 16 hours a day.

The casino’s representatives announced on Thursday that Kangwon Land will soon close its doors at 4 am every morning and no longer at 6 am, then, the casino will start trading again at 10 am. The new trading times will be effective as of 1st of April. Gamblers may construe the new trading times as the casino’s horrible attempt at an April Fools joke.

Being the only licensed casino in the country, Kangwon Land has generated an exponential income, which surpasses the combined income total of the rest of the casinos in South Korea. Being the number one destination for South Korean gamblers has exposed the casino to be severely criticized by the virtuous community and government it encompasses. South Korean politicians have alluded to Kangwon Land as being a destination where citizens acquire an addiction to gambling.

Kangwon Land’s Strategy

The casino implemented a system last year that helped its customers deal with any gambling behavior problems. The counseling of its customers’ gambling problems resulted in the casino reporting lower turnover than usual. It seems as if Kangwon Land’s problems are going to be exacerbated this year. The government has instructed the casino to reduce its gambling tables from 180 to 160.

In December, Moon Tae-Gon was hired as the casino’s new CEO. The casino suffered an attack by the media when the newly appointed CEO claimed that the first thing he was going to do is improve the casino by in-house innovation.

Besides being a casino, Kangwon Land is a mountain resort. The company remains hopeful that it will generate large revenue when tourists make their way to the area for the 2018 Winter Olympics, which will be held in PyeongChang from next week.

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