Kambi Group Becomes Supplier for Greenwood in Pennsylvania

Sports betting will continue to grow in the State of Pennsylvania, following a newly-signed deal between Kambi Group and Greenwood Gaming

Bringing Sports Betting to Pennsylvania

After PASPA was tossed out of the way, the sluicegates of legal sports betting were pried open, ushering in a spate of changes. Since May, places such as New Jersey and Rhode Island have legalized their operations. Meanwhile, respected sports outlet ESPN has created a tracker which keeps an eye on all changes in legislation that occur throughout the United States when it comes to the legalization of betting.

The ultimate goal here is to maintain an order and balance of things, but to also reliably spot changes in legislation. With Pennsylvania being one of the frontier states of the newly-adopted activity, the state will now see an expansion of the businesses with Kambi Group and Greenwood Gaming signing a new partnership.

Greenwood has chosen Kambi Group to be the primary supplier for its Parx Casino property, which is the state’s largest gambling venue. Kambi will provide the necessary tech needed to kick start the operator’s land-based sports betting services.

Kambi’s CEO Kristian Nylén has commented on the deal, explaining that it constituted an important milestone for the company and highlighted the advantages that they bring to the table, such as trust and high-quality products.

Greenwood Gaming is committed to delivering exciting gaming experiences to players in a safe and responsible fashion, therefore, when deciding to launch a sportsbook, Kambi quickly became the natural choice and I’m confident we will form a successful partnership. – Kambi CEO Kristian Nylén

Kambi also noted that Greenwood has demonstrated, time and again, their commitment to providing customers with “exciting gaming opportunities” and building a “safe environment” for everyone to enjoy a beloved hobby.

Meanwhile, the partnership has much bigger implications, as Kambi hopes to expand to Greenwood properties in the neighbouring State of New Jersey, which legalized sports betting in June, 2018. As a direct result of the partnership so far, Kambi will also deck out the South Philadelphia Turf Club, leaving its footprint on yet another property.

Because of the rather untimely approval of the deal, Kambi is not expected to register any major upturn in its revenue by the end of the year. However, starting in 2019, the supplier expects to see its proceedings go up, as a direct result from its collaboration with Greenwood.

Meanwhile Greenwood’s CTO John Dixon also commented on the deal, expression his satisfaction with the developments so far.

We are excited to be working with an experienced, successful sportsbook partner that can bring best-in-class systems and odds making to the Parx-branded sports betting products.

Dixon was also confident that Kambi’s technical solutions are timely, secure and provide with accurate wagering opportunities, which will appeal to customers and also help the company build a loyal following in any new places it intends to expand into.
This is an important milestone for Kambi, too, as it allows it to prepare for future expansion of its own, too.

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