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Nobody is really surprised when we say that Bitcoin and blockchain are finally catching up to gambling. It’s far from flabbergasting that the added anonymity the one offers and the unrivalled functionality the other comes with are a gamer’s favorite. Now, a new social mobile poker operator by the name of KamaGames has decided to build its own blockchain-powered solution.

When Your Karma is Right

If you have heard about Kama Games, it’s most likely in connection to their app, Pokerist. The Dubliners are trying a new gamble by releasing a namesake blockchain token by the name KamaGames Token. Not only that, but the token itself will be used as an exchangeable currency on their platform that will guarantee a solid return on whoever chooses to enjoy it.

To make things rather more appealing to gamers, Karma have decided to sell at a good rate. You may purchase a token for $1 each, and it will be equal to 7 million chips. That’s rather generous to begin with. Karma hopes to sell as much as $25 million. But prior to going after the big money, the company will kick off a pre-sale for the total of $7 million as early as September 24.

Should everything go according to plan, the next event will be held from October 8 through November 12. While most such projects usually conclude within a week or two, Karma has decided to offer itself quite the leeway.

According to KarmaGames’ CEO, Andrey Kuznetsov, the move is a win-win situation, because it will help the company add new people to its player pool, but it will also reward existing customers. The token will help KarmaGames gain popularity and exposure and Mr. Kuznetsov noted that 2018 has been particularly generous in terms of pure growth.

Karma and the Frontline of Technology

KarmaGames didn’t miss this opportunity to highlight their own commitment to cutting-edge innovation and embracing new technology. They hinted at the deployment of smart contracts, thus automating much of the process, which is another relief for business and customer alike.

Smart contracts will theoretically help gambling companies minimize their dependence on human operators and will be able to instead refocus their efforts on customer support.

Still, one small wrinkle exists. Ethereum, on which the smart contract technology is largely based, is prone to go belly up if hacked. Another possible problem on utilizing Ethereum is that its scalability is limited.

Conversely, utilizing Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin itself will eat too much power, not to mention that the volatile pricing of the currency makes it difficult for people to acquire it as easily as a newly-minted token for the purposes of playing at the platform.

Be that as it may, Bitcoin Cash remains a slightly better option than Ethereum as it is better safeguarded by its inherent technical specifics.

However, KarmaGames may be looking to disassociate themselves from any mainstream currency, pioneering instead, their very own exchange token, which will serve the needs of the company full well.

With the presale still a far way off, we have time to decide whether we would love a piece of the action.

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