Jon Spinks Makes More than $3 Million

Online poker certainly does have its benefits and Jon Spinks has taken every advantage. Spinks is able to play poker from the comfort of his home and has been able to make a good living from it. He has made more than $3 million from online poker. Spinks plays under the name EMSBas. He reached the milestone at the partypoker Powerfest Event. Even though he only won $845, it was enough for him to surpass the $3 million mark.

Prior to the $845 win, Spinks was close to breaking the $3 million barrier by winning $25000 at a tournament last month. The British player currently sits at number 55 on the United Kingdom’s list of winning players. Spinks is more involved in mid-stakes games, as a result, he makes only a few hundred dollars. Sometimes Spinks is fortunate to have won larger sums. Hendon Mob has Spinks on the list as garnering more than $1 million in takings from participating in tournaments. Included in the $1 million winnings is the $275000 that Spinks won at the partypoker MILLIONS tournament last year April.

Spinks’ impressive titles

Even though Spinks has managed to accumulate a nice sum from his earnings in tournaments, he is the winner of the online Triple Crown. An achievement which he has done twice. Spinks has also made several hundred thousand dollars from the wins on a few occasions. Spinks has been to the final table of the WSOP on two different occasions. In the No Limit Shootout, he was fourth as he garnered $1500. Spinks was fourth in the WSOP Seven Card Stud tournament for $35000.

Other players who deserve to be mentioned for the winnings are Nsmirnov and Javier ‘Ofbravetight’ Swett. Nsmirnov is from Russia and is currently the 47th best online poker player. He has accumulated earnings of more the $2 million. Nsmirnov has managed to add 38 wins to his impressive record. Some of the wins include winning a $12000 pickup on PokerStars. Javier Ófbravetigh’ Swett, who is from Chile, also has managed to earn more than $2 million. If you’re good, there is money to be made in online poker.

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