Japan Announced Casino Visit Restrictions

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Japanese citizens are charged a fee for entering casinos in Japan. Japan wants gambling to be a draw for tourists, but they are looking to protect their citizens with charging a fee for entry and limiting the number of times a person can go to a casino in a specific period. Japan is not the only country to do this restriction. Regulators are trying for a pragmatic approach based on similar legislation they have seen in Asia.

Japanese citizens will be limited to a certain number of times they can go to a casino in a week and monthly period. The Liberal Democratic Party set the rules in place, and the Komeito Party has agreed to the limits. A Japanese person can visit a casino three times a week and ten times per month.

While the two parties can agree on the limitation of visits, there are still other things they disagree on. The Japanese political parties are urging each other to agree regarding new casinos, but the KP only wants three new casinos.

They need to reach an agreement before June 20, when the current session ends. What this means for Japan is that limits may be in place, but without casinos being agreed too, Japan may not see gambling anytime soon. The bill must be completed and before the Diet, which is the House of Councilors and Representatives. The houses must then agree and pass the bill.

The LDP has said that five new integrated casinos would be fine, but the KP only want to see three at most. Three casinos would certainly bring in enough revenue at $10 billion annual profit for the country. International casinos are already waiting in line for the licenses to become available for bid.

LDP Casino Fee

Plenty of decisions are still in disagreement, including how much the entrance fee should be for Japanese residents. The LDP wants $48 per person, while the KP wants it to be higher at $75. The fees would rival what Singapore has done for their residents. Other government officials feel a lower fee, such as $19 should be in place. Foreigners would be able to go to the casinos without paying a fee.

It is easy to see that Japan like many Asian countries enjoys the revenue of casinos, but they do not want the troubles that can come with it, such as gambling addiction. Fees and weekly limits help with this.

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