Imsirovic May Win the Next Purple Jacket

The Poker Masters seem to be carrying on at full blast and Brandon Adams’ supremacy may now be challenged by a heavy contender for the hallowed jacket. Much has transpired during the competition. Isaac Haxton is close on the trail, hoping to get a whiff of weakness and move in for the kill. In the commotion, though, one contender may have gone unnoticed. Ali Imsirovic is now preparing to deal his blow.

A Wednesday Victory to Cheer You Up

Early on Wednesday, Imsirovic managed to come out victorious of the Event #5: $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em, grabbing $462,000 in ready money with himself. His performance continued to impress with Event #6: $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em seeming to go in his favor from the get-go. He started off against tough competition, too, with Justin Bonomo playing in the same event.

But Imsirovic was unperturbed. He managed to accumulate a hefty advantage over Bonomo who remained well behind with his 980,000 in chip count. Meanwhile, Imsirovic enjoy a solid pile of 3,630,000 worth of chips. And to put things in perspective, only few players came close even to Bonomo himself, including Jake Schindler and Koray Aldemir with 835,000 and 710,000 in chip count respectively.

The event definitely excited quite a few people with Keith Tilston and Christoph Vogelsang stepping into the limelight for the first time and hinting that the $100,000 Main Event/strong> may indeed gather quite the crowd from the highest tiers of poker.

Beware of Imsirovic

Imsirovic’s name started to make headlines in Level 13 when he had to face Dan Smith and Haxton. They went after him and could hardly believe what transpired next. With his Queens, Imsirovic sent both players packing and well out of the very race. Nobody could believe that Imsirovic just relegated two distinct professionals, chucking them aside with apparent effortlessness.

His low-profile has served him well and Smith and Haxton had paid the price. Imsirovic continued with his inexorable march to victory, getting Elio Fox and Bryn Kenney out of the way, fixating his gaze on the prize. Bonomo, though, still remains and this is reason for concern in itself if you were Imsirovic.

Imsirovic has been a bright example of how a player who is relatively unknown can quickly send even the top names of the game in a tailspin. Imsirovic’s march to victory can still be cut short with Bonomo rallying back into the race and we have seen not one or two times the short stacks become the table’s leaders and the leaders come down tumbling hard. After all, Bonomo has amassed $42 million in life-long poker winnings. He’s not likely to just drop out of the race.

A Purple Jacket to Down

The purple jacket is a distinguishable hallmark of one’s exceptional prowess at the game. It’s understandable why both Imsirovic and Bonomo will be caught neck-and-neck for the title in an attempt to clinch a victory. When two professionals who are equally matched meet, it’s really difficult to call the race.

Poker at this level is definitely not luck, but there is some luck to factor after all. And more or less, if the cards fail to turn up, it may be difficult even for the best players to turn their poor pairs into a winning hand.

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