iOS and Android: The Reason Android is Underrated

Most online casinos attempt to purchase software that works for both iOS and Android systems. However, android platforms are considered underrated by investors. There is a significant rivalry between iOS from Apple and Google’s Android. For those who own a smartphone there is a 99.6% chance you are using either an Android or iOS operating system.

Apple’s brand is a leader in mystique and cache, with ad spending over $1.8 billion in 2016 to get people to buy their brand over Google’s Android. However, Android is just as diverse and popular and in 2016, the sales were above Apple, barely.

In the App store, with over 755,000 apps, most of which are available for both systems, people can enjoy the same games no matter what operating system they have. Although, apps in the App store have reduced about 29 percent in new launches for Apple. Google Play has seen 1.5 million new apps with a 17 percent year-on-year increase.

With both systems being such high profile, there are plenty of assumptions being made about iOS and Android. These myths and misunderstandings continue to proliferate. App and game developers understand the danger of having misunderstandings, and they need to make correct business decisions.

Game developers are the biggest investors in both operating systems. To understand the issue with investment, KamaGames asked a few questions. The first was whether iOS generates more pay per player, and it is a fact that revenue per player is nearly identical on both operating systems. Apple devices tend to be more expensive than some of the android smartphones, but that doesn’t stop players from downloading games and spending money. However, for those who buy apple on average they pay about 2.52 times more for their device than android.

The other myth is that Android is less cost effective, which is not true. The target market is for lower-end users, but that provides more of a market than Apple can gain.

Not all the companies out there avoid Android and iOS like the new steam link app that is available for players who want to stream games on their mobile devices.

Understanding the Difference

Information is key to understanding what iOS and Android all about are, beyond the mobile technology that they are both used for. The differences between the systems will help you learn why some investors are wary of continuing to invest in Android, despite how much the operating system is used by people around the world.

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