Investigators of the Okada Fraud Are in Deep Waters

The wheel turns, even if many do not believe it does, and it seems that the Japanese billionaire Kazuo Okada is seeing this more and more every day. The Philippines legal system is still looking into his $3 million fraud case, and the flames are burning on up.

The DOJ investigate

Recently the Philippines Department of Justice or DOJ, have sought to open proceedings against the attorney who deemed the four cases of fraud that had been brought against Okada as null and void. The DOJ believes that the legal team who presided over the case of Okada vs. the Tiger Resort Leisure Entertainment Inc. or TRLEI was contaminated by undue prejudice in favor of Okada.

The Justice Secretary Menardo Guevara informed the media during a press release that the City Prosecutor of Paranaque Amerhassan Paudac will have an official inquiry launched against him to establish whether or not his judgment on the case was immature and tainted with bias. If Paudac is found guilty of terminating the case immaturely due to undue influence, it is highly likely that the investigation against Kazuo Okada will resume.

Guevara has stated that this investigation as a matter of urgent priority within the Philippines, due to the fact that a legal matter may not be terminated without a sound body of reason that can in all totality suggest that the crime did not occur. The first alarm bells against the ruling were sounded by TRLEI once it was established that that Paudac’s decision on the case had been leaked to accounts on social media hubs such as Facebook, before the legal team at TRLEI had even received their official report concerning the judgment.

The Leaking to Social Media

TRLEI has stated that the first official glimpse on social media was posted by Chloe Kim; the woman is supposedly the former ‘companion’ of Okada’s and apparently used to work as a member of operational management at one of the casinos. However, has supposedly not returned to work since Okada was dismissed due to the legal proceedings surrounding the fraud cases against his person.

Chloe Kim apparently posted images of the rulings and the signatures on the documents on May the 18th , many days before anyone at TRLEI would receive any word from the attorney’s office at Paranaque that their case against Okada had been refused.

However, due to the obvious alarm these social media postings caused TRLEI they phoned the attorneys office and asked for an update and were initially told that there had been no judgment, however Okada’s legal team state that the papers were available on the 18th of May and that TRLEI simply never showed up to collect it.

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