International Sites Gaining More of Austria’s Gaming Market

Interestingly, Austria is in the news more than it usually is with regards to gambling and casinos. One doesn’t think about the small country having gambling, when we hear about Macau, Monaco, Las Vegas, and other big powerhouses for gaming. However, Austria is getting more and more interest from the casino sector. Many of the online sites are vying to enter the market.

PokerStars tournament is just one example of online sites gaining more footing in Austria. Even iNTERGAME is looking for a bigger bite in Austria.

Unfortunately, with more companies coming in from online sources, particularly, international ones, Austria is fighting to decide what they want to do about their international gaming laws. One thing is about blocking sites. Austrian Gaming Association is not happy with site blocking plans.

Dominating the Online Market

International gaming operators are trying to dominate Austria’s online market, which is asking for the government to put in more legislation to ensure the interlopers are behaving. Friday, Nachrichten reported an interview with Andreas Kreutzer, who runs Kreutzer Fischer and Partner consultancy. The company claims the Austrian gaming market hit 1.675 billion euros in 2017, which was up 4 percent over 2016s income. They further state that the land-based casinos, sports betting, and slots halls were up about 16 million euros.

The lottery business, which is both online and off-line, have also increased about 20 million euros, according to the statistics from the company. The online gambling sector is claiming a smaller share of $283 million euros, but that is up 11 percent over 2016. The online sector is now accounting for about half the markets overall growth.

Casinos Austria Group’s Win2Day is the brand that is locally approved to be an online operator. The international licensed gambling websites are about 65% of Austria’s online revenue. It is a five-point higher share than in 2016. International sites also account for 85 percent of the online sector’s total growth for 2017.

Austrian legislators are aware they need to look at Casino Austria’s online operations and help them gain a better hold on the market versus the international sites. It may have a little to do with the government keeping a 30% stake in the company, but let’s also be serious—the government gets revenue from the international websites.

In August 2017, the Austrian Ministry of Interior stated they have plans to amend telecom laws, which would require internet service providers to block unauthorized casino operators.

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