Indiana to Talk Online Sports Betting Laws in 2019

Every state in the US has been treating the adoption and spreading of sports betting and related activities in their own terms. Lawmakers finally don’t have to worry about a restrictive federal ban, but local legislation is no less complicated.

Indiana Tipped to Say ‘Ye’ to Online Sports Betting

Lawmakers in Indiana have been debating how to go about the legalization of online and mobile betting platforms early in 2019. The move would be one of the most significant changes in the betting landscape of the state and quite easily the country. While sports betting has become legal with the repeal of PASPA back in May, bringing the activities online has been a thorn for every state, bar the handful few that have been operating their own legal gambling activities even before PASPA was dismantled.

Indiana is not quite walking it alone. Neighboring states have also been deliberating the upsides of pushing ahead with an online betting industry. For once, bringing all activities online may potentially allow users from other states to also play with the ‘local’ bookmakers.

Both Illinois and Pennsylvania are considering laws whereby they will be able to give online betting in their states the respective kickstart they deserve. Another state that is hot on the trail of taking the activity to the next level is naturally West Virginia, which recently introduced regulations allowing it to control sports betting in general.

Lawmakers to Meet Again in Early 2019

Meanwhile, Indiana is trying to bring all the cogwheels clinking into place by setting up a legislative committee which will look into the matter and reach a decision in early 2019. Based on reports in the state, lawmakers are inclined to throw their support for the said legislation.

There are important and vital lessons to be learned from other places, too, including Nevada and New Jersey which have been spearheading the offensive in sports betting against the toughest pieces of regulation out there. Both states allow their users to game online from their devices and make the wagers they want to.

On top of the rather obvious boons of introducing mobile gambling, analysts estimate that the state could benefit from solid proceedings with customers tipped to wager $250 million every year should the state see regulation take effect.

Regulation in other states has been dogged, but steadily pushing through. Bookmakers of varying rank have sought the help of multiple local experts in order to expand their offers. Some of the most famous operators in the United States remain William Hill and we have previously reported on bet365’s attempts to push for legalization of some activities up in New York.

New York however is far from hitting the jackpot in terms of sports betting this year as it’s too late for legal action of any sort. However, plans to introduce the activity in the state have not been scrapped and they are likely to continue in full force in 2019.

Meanwhile, 2018 alone has seen sufficient advancement being done in favor of sports betting throughout the entire US.

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