Indian eSports Athletes to Join Asian Games

The popularity of eSports around the world is increasing and there is no exception in India where gambling is mostly illegal. For people who want to show their skills, but are interested in playing video games, there are potential jobs.

In fact, eSports might become a part of the Olympics.

Winter Olympic Demonstration

Varun Demi Immanuel, from India gave a little demonstration of eSports during the Winter Olympics 2018. Demi was able to show the skills it takes to be an athlete with StarCraft II games during the Intel Extreme Masters.

Asia would enjoy ensuring that eSports are added to the Olympic games. The mind is every bit as important in an athletic situation, and it takes skill for players to be able to move their hands, follow with their eyes, and strategically win games.

Lokesh Suji, the Director at sports Federation of India, and the board member and VP for South Asia at Asian Esports Federation, talked with a few reporters about the Asian Games and how it can be a career choice.

One just has to look at competitions such as the South Asian Qualifiers to know how important eSports is becoming. The South Asian Qualifiers went well for Indian gamers.

Not only is Asia pushing for eSports to become a career option for young people, but the US is giving scholarships to top eSports athletes.

eSports have been a part of Asian Games as a demonstration sports for a few years. There were game titles announced, such as Hearthstone, Clash Royale, and League of Legends. Asia is divided into five regions, with India as part of one of those.

Winners in regional finals get to go to the main event, helped in Jakarta. The Esports Federation of India was able to get qualified for five of the game titles. Athletes secured their spots for the main events in four game titles. It means the athletes will get to go to Jakarta.

The one caveat is that the Indian Olympic Association has to provide approval. It seems likely that they will given Demi’s ability to travel to South Korea for the Olympic demonstration.

In the Pro Evolution Soccer qualifier, Ankur Diwakar, and Navaneetha Anand were undefeated against teams from the Maldives and Sri Lanka. In HearthStone, Tirth Mehta played against Pakistan and Sri Lanka and emerged as winners. Mehta also remained undefeated. Clash Royale was won by Karan Manganai who defeated Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Pakistan.

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