Imperial Pacific Talking About Night Construction

Five days ago, Imperial Pacific announced they would need a construction extension, which does not make the gaming regulatory happy since it is the sixth time the company has asked for one. However, there may be a solution, Imperial Pacific International announced they are considering bringing in night workers to help speed up construction.

Two more work shifts are what Imperial Pacific state they need to make sure the construction is on target for finishing the casino on time.

During the discussion last week, the commission stated they did not believe construction could be finished by the new suggested deadline of December. Imperial Pacific International admitted that they may have to have a second shift of construction workers to make it happen by December. The second shift would need to work at night.

Erik Poon, the VP of construction, is discussing the option of working at night with Pacific Rim Contractors, the company who has been working on the casino. The news media was told that the second shift would most likely start at 7pm and work until midnight. The companies are discussing the possibility with the people who need to know that this may happen.

Imperial Pacific International would need to put some safety features in place if any night work is going to be carried out. The manpower is also an issue. It has been the reason for delays in the construction, which means Imperial Pacific International and Pacific Rim would need to higher more workers.

Imperial Pacific is most likely not going to make the August deadline, and will be hard-pressed to make the December one if they cannot find the proper workers. There have to be more H2-B workers. If staff can be found that are qualified, and working at night is possible, then the casino will be done on time.

Imperial Pacific Extensions

Imperial Pacific International and Pacific Rim have been plagued with delays since the construction began. There have even been accusations of financial improprieties, violations of employment agreements, and lack of adherence to contractual agreements. In March, it was learned that four Chinese companies involved in the construction for Imperial Pacific had to pay $14 million in compensation to 2,400 workers due to unpaid wages and resulting damages.

The Imperial Pacific International Resort, when finished, will be a luxury resort that is in the US territory of Saipan. It will have 200 gaming tables, a 14 story hotel, and 350 slot machines.

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