Illinois Gambling Bill to Have Another Shot on August 22

Illinois may be getting its online betting bill pretty soon. Or so rumor has it. And a good rumor that is. The country has mostly seen casinos and bookies open physical facilities in the wake of the PASPA defeat in May 2018. Still, Illinois wants to take things up a notch. However, the state has not had a smooth run so far. A few bills have failed during the last legislative session making it clear that opposition is just as adamant as the desire to push ahead with changes to the online gambling landscape.

Hear Me Out, Doc

Despite the few bumps along the road to progress, Illinois is very much back in swing. Two separate hearings have been scheduled and lawmakers are convening to discuss regulation and legalization of the online segment. Rep. Bob Rita has decided to set two dates for this event, the first on August 22 and the second on October 2.

Illinois’ lawmakers will all convene in the capital, Springfield, to talk all things gambling, putting extra attention to the coveted change – bringing all operations online. It’s a bold move that both presages solid profit for the state coffers if things are done right.

To put things in numbers, a potential adoption of gambling could rake in as much as $700 million for the stake, which in turn could turn out to be a palliative for the ailing finances of Illinois. With this in mind, Rep. Rita is quite determined to make this happen and reap the benefits.

The Bill Upon the Cards

AS the nature to the bill itself, it will be contesting several other pieces of legislation that make it uncharacteristically difficult to kick start any gambling operations both offline and online. The Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975 is among the targeted pieces of legislation that will see many changes. In addition, the bill will also focus on the Riverboat Gambling Act and the Illinois Gambling Act.

Yes, you have guessed right – Illinois does like to dabble in regulatory talk, which promises to create quite a few headaches for everyone involved further down the road. The spate of changes will be introduced in a manner that is both compliant with the current law, but also offers a change as to bolster an activity that has been steadfastly gaining traction throughout the U.S.

Rep. Rita argues that a lot of hard work has been put into the upcoming proposal and it would be absolutely dispiriting to see the whole piece of legislation fall through for yet another year. Not to mention that two bills have already been scrapped and their remains were used to forge a more reliable guidance on the matter of gambling.

The Implications of a Win?

Should Illinois succeed, it will be a huge success for the state, but also a much emboldening move for the neighbouring states. Even though sports betting is technically legal, the majority of operators are now focusing on bringing sports betting to casinos or dedicated bookies, but not online.

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