Iflix Signs with beIN, La Liga and EPL broadcast in Cambodia

Iflix, a Malaysia-based platform has decided to step up its efforts and to make sure that it gets the best cut of the now raging English Premier League (EPL). It’s been a great development for the company that is now in partnership agreement with beIN, one of the largest broadcasters of sports events in the world.

As a result, Iflix is now eligible to broadcast the English Premier League to all subscribers from Cambodia. It’s been a rare stroke of luck to seize the casting rights at a decent profit. Cambodia’s own sports fans are quite enthusiastic about the opportunity to watch the event delivered right to their small screens.

A Great Opportunity for Sport, Business, and Fans

Iflix has had a solid foothold in developing markets where it has been delivering a number of products that have been hitherto not available on the said markets. With this in mind, Iflix has been bolstering its platform in the region and has worked hard to break the agreement with beIN. As a result, subscribers will be afforded the opportunity to watch matches live.

The additive pro of watching European football on their tellies directly! is quite tempting for Cambodians who are thrilled to cough the extra buck and sign up for the premium feature of the Iflix platform. The feature hit Cambodia on August 10, and it has allowed all loyal customers and paying subscribers to have a front row for the EPL right in their living room. A similar deal is signed with the Spanish La Liga.

The 24-hour coverage will be available on SPORTS 1 and beIN SPORTS 2 channels via Iflix. An extra feature allowing maximum comfort for subs is of course the catch-up option, which will have you catch up to all the past games.

So, don’t sweat it, because if you have missed last night’s action and have kept your distance from spoilers, you may re-live the glory of the match itself!

More Goodies with beIN

But why stop there? Same-day highlights are also on the menu for all games from the listed leagues and high-end plays! All of this is quite available on your fingertips and you need not wait any further to have it!

The group’s own top brass has admitted that they have been eager to deliver a product that it’s difficult to find in certain markets. Cambodia’s enthusiasm for football and unmet demand have inspired the company to act quickly and provide customers with what they deserve.

Iflix has been expanding at a fair clip. In fact, the platform streams to over one billion customers in the MENA region, which has established it as a market leader in not the easiest regions to drive inroads and forge ahead. Still, thanks to the immaculate business positioning, Iflix has won itself an outstanding partner.

The future of Iflix is firmly embed in the region, but further expansion into new markets is never to be ruled out. With the current milestone, the company has demonstrated its ability to deliver excellent results. Meanwhile, the EPL’s available in Cambodia!

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