HyperX Becomes Peripheral Sponsor for Sports Academy

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Kingston’s gaming division is now stepping its involvement in eSports by becoming the peripheral sponsor for the Sports Academy’s eSports center in Thousand Oaks. Located near Los Angeles, this top-end facility will provide aspiring pros and fans an opportunity to hone their skills and mingle freely. Kingston’s presently the active eSports sponsor of HyperX.

HyperX’s Uniting Bid

Motivated by HyperX’s inclusive approach towards gaming and gamers from all skill levels, Kingston have been inspired to pursue the “We’re All Gamers” approach set up by HyperX. The new partnership will seek to advance the fortunes of casual gamers and potential pros. Without even a sliver of elitism, the new arena will welcome even the most struggling rookie and offer peer-based sessions, allowing for enthusiast to quickly pick new moves.

According to HyperX head of corporate strategic alliances Wendy Lecot, HyperX will seek to invest in inclusive gaming. The partnership with the Sports Academy will be the first step towards that broader perspective. “Players of all skill levels” are welcome, Lecot concluded.

The Facility Itself

As to the facility itself, it’s a fascinating building that will allow high-paced competition stretching over 96 thousand square feet and offering eleven different sporting programs. The Sports Academy is more than the simple venue where eSports tournament may take place. Instead, the Academy is equipped with a full range of services, including medical help and various youth programs to seek engagement from growing gamers.

Opened just last year, the Academy has been gaining significant traction over the past few months. Apart from offering a place for youngsters and older pros and fans to mingle and play, the Academy also has various content programs along with coaching sessions. It’s also a partner with the US Sports Camps, which means that effectively – it can host youth camps dedicated to eSports.

HyperX – The Sponsor

HyperX has been exquisitely active all across the eSports space. They have continually added to their list of partnerships in a bid to advance their own standing as a high-end company focused on eSports products.

Over the past year, HyperX backed another mainstream eSports venture, the NBA 2K League. In case you didn’t know, the NBA 2K League is an event that has been hosted to emulate the normal NBA league rules. Almost every team has a representation in the digital competition.

HyperX has agreed to become the tournament’s official partner. However, HyperX also has experience in partnering with eSports facilities.

Back in April, the company signed up a deal for the newly minted Las Vegas Esports Arena, a multi-purpose venue that has hosted several eSports events since and has been crucial to providing top-notch gear for the venue.

HyperX’s partnership with Kingston and the Sports Academy is just a confirmation of the company’s continued support of eSports and the unflagging zest with which it intends to pursue the segment.

Global eSports are on the rise too, meaning more people will be flocking the Academy both in Thousand Oaks and beyond. More sponsors never hurts.


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