Hong Kong and Macau Sea Bridge Complete

Linking Macau to Hong Kong has finally occurred, but it is a good thing? There seems to be a moniker going around that the link is the “bridge of death,” versus a pathway for people to take, safely.

The Macau to Hong Kong Bridge took nines years to build. It required 420,000 tons of steel. The money spent–$15 billion. The sea bridge is the longest in the world. It starts in Hong Kong and runs along the Pearl River Delta region to link Macau. According to the news, everything needs to follow the plan, so that the money can be recouped via Macau gambling.

The way this will happen—more people need to go to Macau and gamble. The travel time to Macau is reduced with bridge. What used to take over an hour, will now take 45 minutes. It is an approximate 60 percent decrease in travel time.

However, there is one thing that may hold people back from taking the quick route—the name—Bridge of Death.

The Specs of the Bridge

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is 34 miles in length. It has six lanes. There is also an underwater tunnel that goes on for four miles. The tunnel and bridge were first introduced as a concept back in 1983, but it took until November 2017 to be completed.

There is an official inauguration coming, but nothing has been announced for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Many are considering the bridge to be a “wonder of the modern world.” But, not everyone believes there are good points about it.

Gao Xingling, the planning manager for the project, has said there were a lot of difficulties during the construction. Linking the pipes, which were 80,000 tons in weight, together under the sea was extremely challenging, especially because there needed to be watertight technology involved.

The project was almost halted on several occasions due to the number of deaths that happened during the construction. In fact, ten deaths occurred. There were also 234 to 600 injuries, varying in the degree of severities. Several people have said the price was too high for the bridge, not only monetarily, but also in the deaths that happened.

Fernando Cheung, part of the HK Labor Party, said the bridge should be known as one of “blood and tears.” Some of the deaths were ruled negligence on behalf of the contractors like the one in 2014.

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