Hanh Tran Wins €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) dish out copious amounts of money and trophies, forever imprinting the names of winners into the event’s history records. Today, it is Hanh Tran who managed to top the competition during the €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed game and win his very own bracelet.

Hanh and His Second WSOP Bracelet

Hanh Tran has managed to add a second bracelet to his record of successes at the World Series of Poker Europe events. By topping a field of contesters in the €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed, he managed to not only clinch a solid monetary award estimated at nearly €60,000, but also succeeded in adding the desired ultimate reward.

Hanh definitely had quite a few people to defeat on his own first. He faced off Oleg Pavlyuchuk in the very finals and then had to also tiptoe around Roman Lewis who managed to secure a third place in the competition.

Hanh victory over Pavlyuchuk has been quite substantial and impressive at the same time. Starting off in a tight spot, he had to fight off a five-to-one lead in favor of his opponent who was also an astute professional. This victory by itself would have put him on the chart of tournaments, but according to Hanh, he still remains solely focused on the cash games, rather than pursuing tournaments and the titles that come with those.

Still, he is now considering joining the €2,200 Pot-Limit Omaha, which not surprisingly comes with yet another bracelet on top of the solid pile of cash. If he continues to be successful, he may even plunge into the highlight of the festival, the Main Event.

Even though Hanh is quite certain of his relaxed attitude towards poker and cash games, he may be tempted into quite a few upcoming events, as his attitude now suggests.

Looking at the Results

Naturally, there were other notable names who made it all the way through to the finals. Sebastian Obermeier from Germany did end up fourth, outpacing Tarek Sleiman from Chile. The other competitors represented mostly Europe, although Manish Goenka from India walked away with €9,313 in ready money and was one of the three players not to be part of the European player base. Michael Magalashvili from Israel was yet another foreign player.

Recapping the events of the final table, it all turned out to be quite exciting. Sebastian Obermeier fought long and hard but he had to succumb to the inexorable push of Romain Lewis who continued on only to face the unbeatable Pavlyuchuk standing like a giant in his way.

Pavlyuchuk was sitting comfortably on top of a large pile of cash, eyeing Hanh who had kept mostly quiet throughout the action that had preceded the one-on-one with his opponent.

Whereas Pavlyuchuk exuded confidence, Hanh kept quiet and focused on his cards not uttering a word. The Latvian seemed determined to win and he knew that he had a lead that could hardly be overcome by even a more skilled rival. However, Hanh was willing to put that to a test and he succeeded in bringing home the big money and securing himself a bracelet.

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