Grand Lisboa Increases Macau Gaming Table Numbers

The United States has faced troubles with more gambling tables disappearing from locations around the country. Nevada to Massachusetts has seen fewer numbers of gaming tables in their casinos. Only about 300 tables are currently in US casinos, which is an interesting comparison to the Macau numbers. It seems the tables might be finding new homes across the earth.

Macau records are different across the board, with adding Macau 13 casino and now breaking the gaming table numbers. Macau is attempting to add more casinos, which means more tables. Macau 13 has recently been in the news with its troubling opening dates and the fact that it has been pushed back. However, Macau sees more gaming tables than ever. They broke the record of how many tables are in a small island country, with Grand Lisboa helping. The casino added new tables; ensuring Macau hit a new record.

MGM Cotai opened in February, with a grand special event. This provided 657 new tables in Macau. SJM Holdings will open their Grand Lisboa Palace soon, which will put 482 tables in the casino, with another 175 tables slated to hit casinos floors. The Lisboa will have a soft opening in 2018; with a grand opening in 2019, at least this is the current plan.

Macau put a cap on how many tables it would allow in their casinos. The cap was put in place in 2012, which was a few years before the government crackdown from China started to affect the gaming mecca. The cap is set to end in 2022. The government allows 5,5000 tables to be in the casinos, but they have decided it is possible to add 1892 more tables.

Macau and other Records

Another record Macau is breaking involves Greyhounds, but not the buses—the dogs. Another bit of interesting news is the number of Greyhounds that have been ordered for Macau. There is an industry ban on the dogs being allowed to enter Macau, but still, in order to export 590 of the beautiful, fast creatures is in place. With a ban, the dogs may not be allowed to arrive anytime soon.

Casinos can still bring in the tourists, which is why the gaming tables have increased, and there is an attempt to get around the Greyhound ban. Macau is picking up with more revenue this year than in past years, which makes many companies think the restrictions on junkets and Chinese citizens are no longer affecting their country.

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