Goa Lions May Not Play at Indian Poker League (IPL)

The Match Indian Poker League (Match IPL) may see itself all the poorer for the refusal of Goa Lions, a noted poker squad, to participate. According to official news, Goa Lions are pulling out of the competition over the League’s failure to comply with pre-determined organizational criteria.

The Rift Between Goa and Match IPL

The Match Indian Poker League (Match IPL) will not see Goa Lions participate in the event, and the owners of the team, Ability Games Pvt. Ltd. have explained why. According to Ability Games, Match IPL is obliged to set up an auction for poker players as well as introduce electronic devices allowing events to run smoothly and as intended.

However, Match IPL has reportedly failed to meet both obligations, which has prompted Goa Lions to signal their reluctance to participate in the League in its current format. With the event drawing to a start on October 23, Match IPL has failed to deliver on some of its basic promises, AG claims.

Ability Games have elaborated that they hold Match IPL’s founder Raj Kundra responsible for the latest turn of events. Instead of the pre-agreed electronic device, players will have to compete using physical decks. Despite the League’s track record of successfully running events, Ability Games are not content.

At Odds for the Entry Fee

Ability Games has also requested that Viaan Industries, the company which hosts the event, to pay the entry fee for the team. What followed was a firm refusal which prompted AG to argue that it would not join the competition under any other circumstances.

The Match IPL then sent the team a notice that their participation had been terminated. However, AG didn’t intend to leave matters and took legal actions, scheduling a hearing. This took an interesting turn of events, as AG was ordered to cover the tournament’s fee, which amounts to $68,218.

However, the court has not yet ruled which party is in the right. If AG is found to have withdrawn their participation reasonably, then they would be returned the entry fee. However, if Match IPL comes out in the clear, then Goa Lions will have to play well and outpace their competitors to make sure they make their investment worth it.

Rather than dodging a difficult question, Kundra also explained why the company had decided to switch back to physical decks, as a software-related issue has made the deployment of reliable poker system impossible in relation to the deadline. Besides, Kundra is aware that poker is becoming a big sport in India and he seems disinclined to defame the game or hosts.

The decision that Match IPL took was also after the League had consulted with team owners who had agreed to the proposed alternative.
As the facts stand, AG may have a difficult time arguing their case in front of an arbitrator.

Poker in India has been gaining traction. Despite opposition in some states, large-scale events have been allowed to take place. There are also established online rooms which allow Indians who seek to make a living off the game to pursue their interest in full.

While legal spats may occur between different parties involved in the game, its overall prospects are promising.

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