Global Poker’s Main Event in One Week

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Global Poker Madness is an event to look forward too, for any poker player. There is a guaranteed $200,000 up for grabs during the event that will launch April 1, 2018. It is not an April fools joke, folks; the game is no-limit hold’em with a win of 200,000 split between the top three players.

The kick-off is Sunday the 1st of April, at 5:30 pm. Players will want to register and pay the $540 buy-in to make sure they can take part in the fun. Right now, only forty-one players have a seat at the event, which means there are plenty more seats available.

Global Poker may have to kick in quite a bit of their revenue for the game if there are not enough registrants to cover the $200,000 guaranteed win. It is an interesting concept since most companies set the buy-in to cover their reward to players.

For players who think $540 is a little steep to buy-in for an online poker tournament, do not worry because Global Poker has other options. They have satellites offering a buy-in for $1.50, a weekly $77 satellite with a ten-seat table, and then on Saturday, the table increases to 25 seats.

The Three Ways to Buy-In

There are three stages to get to the main event. The first is to buy-in at $1.50 and earn a ticket to stage 2. There is a ticket for every $11 in the prize pool, so a person just has to win at the table before Sunday.

When someone makes it to stage two, the $11 prize pool will earn you a ticket for stage three as long as you earn $77. This $77 can be used to buy-in at the main event. You would automatically get the seat without paying the $540 because of the ticket you earn.

Players will not want to miss out on the opportunity to win at the Global Poker Madness, which is the largest event the company has had to date.

There is one caveat you need to know about the Global Poker Madness event. The winnings are in SC or $weeps cash. $weeps Cash is a way for US players to play legally online at the casino. You do have a real cash prize because you can turn your currency from $weeps Cash Gold Coins into real money via PayPal. You use the Gold Coins like poker chips at the tables and then you can cash out to PayPal.

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