Global Poker and MLB Carry on with Partnership

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Global Poker is not changing tact. The company is quite determined to provide its players with sufficient opportunities to enjoy one of the world’s most complicated and yet intriguing games. And now, the online poker site is teaming up with Major League Baseball (MLB) to bring even more whimsical iterations of the beautiful game, combining two of America’s favorite hobby horses.

Global Poker Has Big Ideas

What would a partnership such as this bring to either entities involved, really? The first official Global Poker and MLB event was supposed to shed some light on this. Held at Minute Maid Park, fans of baseball and poker could flock down to the venue and enjoy a few quick hands, winning small, but notable monetary rewards and, of course, distinguishing themselves with bragging rights.

According to Global Poker Head of Communications and Social Media, Joseph Del Duca, the partnership with MLB has been truly worth it for everyone involved. By bringing two popular products together, Global Poker only stands to benefit. There is an inherent link between poker and baseball, too – they are both competitive.

Following the first successful pow-wow, a new one is now planned. Global Poker MLB is coming back to create even more opportunities for fans to experience poker and exchange banter about baseball. The latest event took place just yesterday when the San Francisco Giants played the Rockies.

All of these events are coming with a number of merchandises that can be snapped up by eager fans.

Poker Nights Are Not a Novelty

As a matter of fact, the MLB has been organizing its touted Poker Nights for a while now. There are certainly a lot of common ground between the two games. They are both competitive and require skill, albeit baseball may put the focus on dexterity whereas with poker, you have the good old powers of cerebrum channelled.

Even then, this is a two-way street, allowing fans of poker and baseball to benefit, but also enabling the two organizations to benefit from each other’s popularity and perhaps even convert viewership or downright players.

In the case of poker, of course, adding more to the professional player base is rather easier, because players can be self-made and the don’t rely on franchising to be spotted. Conversely, baseball players are having a rougher time at getting a foothold in the game. Come what may, Global Poker intends to keep its engagement with both games and continue to throw fan events.

Meanwhile, the world of poker definitely has quite a few successful deals to tout and enjoy. Including a recent partnership between Zynga and the World Poker Series.

Learning from Proper Branding

Poker is definitely gaining popularity. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why branding matters. Exposure of one’s brand is a gateway to steadfast profits. Global Poker is just banking on what the best in business are doing. Meanwhile, MLB is also quite open in its partnerships which does the League the utmost honors.

By signing multi-lateral partnerships with sports and non-sports organizations, poker is still very much in the public eye and making an impression to fan and bystander alike. It’s a great way to promote the game all the same.

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