GiG Obtains B2B Licenses from the UKGB

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Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) is taking on the United Kingdom and the UK B2B sports betting market. GiG will forge ahead with its freshly-announced brand, which will help it provide businesses with more quick solutions and opportunities to expand. Given the recent legal go-ahead the company has obtained, GiG is now looking at an auspicious time for its activities.

GiG has decided to channel its newly-coined in the United Kingdom after successfully obtaining a license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), one of the sterner gambling regulators on the market.

GiG has been working hard to bring its businesses to various corners of Europe, helping the push for the legalization of sports betting and gambling across countries where no official legislation has been set in force. GiG has been working with Latvia’s to expand its clout in the country and also introduce its eponymous GiG Comply partner initiative.

Building the Future

The company said that it will use its existing software and the newly-obtained B2C licenses to develop a cutting-edge offer for the UK market and advance sports betting in the area, which is one of the main pillars of all gambling operations.

GiG also has a rich portfolio allowing it to be at the forefront of sports betting both in the United Kingdom, but also in neighbouring markets. GiG is basing its advance in the UK on its core products, including:

  • GiG Core
  • GiG Sports Connect
  • GiG Trade
  • GiG Goal

All of these products focus on specific need that the market needs to address. For instance, each of GiG’s products can be integrated as a bundle, but businesses can benefit from separate features that are needed most pressingly and thus save on some of the costs.

Both B2C and B2B have been essential pillars of the development of the company. Most recently, GiG developed Hard Rock Casino’s platform which has been well-met by the brand. However, GiG CEO Robin Reed has noted that his company can still make some efforts in improving its B2C segment.

A Saturated Market, No?

Some have asked the question whether GiG is really needed on the overly-saturated UK market. There have been those who have said that with the number of UK problem gamblers remaining the same, there would be no need to bring more related activities.

However, GiG’s expertise lies in identifying consumer behavior which makes it a powerful ally in the fight against the pest that is gambling addiction across the United Kingdom.

Even though the number of gamers as a whole has plummeted those exhibiting problematic behavior have remained the same. As a result, the UKGC has been hitting business hard, but in fairness, the measures enacted by the regulator are only targeting those practices that are generally considered pernicious for customers.

There has been a series of decision, such as doubling the tax. In Ireland, the government has been long mulling a hike in the tax that the IBA has warned may actually lead to bookmakers just shutting down operations and moving onto friendlier climates as opposed to operating in the new conditions.

GiG, however, is quite happy to enter the market and equip customers and businesses with all the tools they need for a fulfilling experience.

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