GiG and Hard Rock to Introduce Omni-channel Sports Betting

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Hard Rock is pushing ahead with its sports book’s omni-channel operation, following a recent sign-up with the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG). While preparation continues, it’s been revealed that the casino will roll-out its new treat in the first quarter of 2019.

GiG and Hard Rock Say Yes to a Common Future

The recent deal between the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) and Hard Rock has been now officialized. On November 29, the pair released statements that GiG will be bringing out its omni-channel experience and equip Hard Rock’s sports betting facilities in the first quarter of 2019, hoping for an early launch.

GiG helps Hard Rock run its sports betting activities by powering the entire casino in the state of New Jersey. After originally signing a Letter of Intent (LoI) on October 12, the pair have now given a decisive greenlight to the partnership.

While observers had hoped that the omni-channel solutions can be introduced to Hard Rock before the end of the year, the companies have agreed to a more realistic timeline for themselves. The omni-channel experience itself is important, as it will help bring together all segments of the betting activities, including retail, online, and mobile. It has long been one of the most touted features in Europe, and with the legalization of the segment in the United States, the trend is quickly catching on.

While the Q1, 2019 release is now on the cards, sources indicate that Hard Rock would want to see the tech rolled-out before the NFL Super Bowl, which will take off on February 3, 2019. Hard Rock is particularly interested in attracting any gamer who has been in the habit of betting at offshore bookmakers to the casino.

According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), the industry loses $4.6 billion nation-wide each year due to unregulated NFL Super Bowl betting with unlicensed operators. As a result, Hard Rock will strive to attract any local gamers who may be in the habit of wagering with the aforementioned offshore bookmakers.

Moving Towards a Legal Future

It’s been a rather long process, but GiG managed to obtain a greenlight from the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) in New Jersey in June, which paved the way for the new partnership with Hard Rock. Following the DGE-endorsement, it was Hard Rock that decided to push ahead with a deal.

While there have been no other partnership featuring Hard Rock properties, GiG remain confident that this may soon follow, although no specific time frame has been given. GiG and Hardrock have been good together, with the managing to bring in $1 million in revenue since it opened.

GiG has long been targeting established international companies, hoping to sign up partnerships with them and offering value for their business. GiG CEO Robin Reed has also used the opportunity to point out that the trust voted to his company by Hard Rock serves as a testimony to the quality of the service GiG can offer its customers, existing and future.


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