Genting Will Not Have a Casino in Andorra

In May, Genting announced they wanted the casino license available in Andorra. A little over a month later, there is a new announcement a different casino operator won the bid instead. Jocs SA was able to get the license instead of Genting.

The casino is going to be built in the Spanish Region known as Andorra. When bidding was open thirteen companies submitted their bids with the hope of winning the one license.

Genting bid $164.6 million for the license according to a source. The amount was good, and the company could certainly afford such a high bid to gain the license. However, the construction proposal was not what the area wanted to see, which is why such a high bid did not matter.

Genting was disqualified due to issues of getting the land to build on according to Spanish broadcaster Cadena Ser. The company wanted to create a 20 story tower, which would cost $162.8 million. Andorra said the company did not prove they had land that would house such a building.

Jocs SA has an alliance with Novomatic AG. It is a technology partnership. Novomatic provides gaming equipment and is an Austria based company. Jocs stated they would build a six story building, with two of the floors underground, with $17.5 million invested in the construction.

Genting is disappointed, but there are plenty of opportunities they can seek, particularly in Asia. The Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia are three locations the company already has casinos. They also have properties in the UK, US, Egypt and Bahamas. There is a Genting Hong Kong subsidiary that operates casino cruise ships. There are plans to launch a few new vessels by 2021.

Jocs Privat SA

Jocs SA or Jocs Privat is a publication company that has had a hand in the Spanish gambling industry for reporting news. They provide information on activities, such as recreational machines, manufacturers, locations, online gaming, and distributors. The company has been around since 1994. They put out a monthly magazine, plus a digital version. The company is owned by Andemar Catalunya Business Association. It is part of Foment del Treball.

Andorra is attempting to improve tourism, and the recent successes of areas adding casinos has made the region of Spain think it will be a good idea to have gambling. It is hopefully the catalyst to help people see that Andorra is worth visiting.

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