Gen.G Secures Victory in Day 2 PUBG:GI

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Global Invitational Third Person Perspective leg has just concluded. The fray threw together 20 teams who were trying to survive and make it to the middle of the map while blowing bits off other buggers. However, only the South Koreans from the recently-rebranded Gen.G had what it takes to make it all the way to the top.

Day One Has Liquid and Gen.G on Top

Gen.G managed to perform well during Day One of the TPP competition. It fell slightly behind the Europeans from Team Liquid who had secured a great tactical spot in the middle of the map, allowing them to control the scurrying figures from the horizon.

Meanwhile, Team Liquid were greatly aided by Gen.G’s own bloodthirsty style, with the South Koreans picking kills at a rapid pace and moving into the centre whilst gunning down every player that has had the misfortune to cross paths with them.

The 300-point advantage for both teams was quite significant, meaning that Team Liquid and Gen.G were well ahead of the pack and it’s no surprise that they sort of maintained this to translate it into a clear victory. Other aspirants, didn’t perform so well.

Not in Such Good Form After All

Gen.G may have been victorious, but they certainly struggled to find their feet. However, they were far from alone. Team Liquid had an even worse turn of events, quickly being edge out of its cushy leading spot.

Amid the ensuing case, Gen.G saw itself well-poised to move in and repeat what it had done the first day – destroying panicking enemy’s squads with apparent effortlessness that was quite impressive in its own right.

However, the team struggled and struggled. Emboldened by their Day One performance, Gen.G was throwing themselves fighting enemies by the score. Only this time, the teams new that left unchecked, Gen.G posed a threat. Fire often converged on their location and the team’s decline continued well into game seven.

Gen.G quickly figured what was going on and they baited the enemies, withdrawing from the central fray and managing a 3rd position in the tournaments

Don’t Snuff Out Our Ambitions Yet

Gen.G managed to pull a superb victory in the face of a strong opposition. Where Team Liquid floundered and lost their pace, Gen.G managed to rally themselves and assess the situation brightly.

They knew they would never be able to push through the rapid and intensifying competition, so decided to back off and put a fierce opposition against any alliances that have been trying to undo them.

Team Liquid attempted to secure strong positions again as it had worked for them before, but the scurrying figures from the horizon were dashing and shedding bullets mercilessly at the origin of so much displeasure only a day earlier.

PUBG GI – A Success Story

PUBG GI is one of the most successful stories the game has yet to tell. The event is set to continue with the first-person perspective which will in all likelihood elect new winners. Or can the established top dogs make it in both TPP and FPS perspectives?

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