Game is on at WSOP Global Casino Championship


For those of you eager to earn the WSOP bracelet this year, you can still have your shot. The final stage of the championship will take place at the Harrah’s Casino in North Carolina in August. If a gold bracelet was not enough of an incentive for you, then the $1 million prize pool should be enough to draw you away from your couch and into the arena. And yes, there are many tournament seats still up for grabs so you can potentially play one of your favorites with just a little bit of luck.

What to Do If You Don’t Want to Qualify

As the months wind on and the winners from each of the qualifying tournaments come along, they will each be guaranteed a seat at the final stage, the Global Casino Championship or GCC. Each seat is worth $10 000; the players who manage to gather the most amount of points during the series of tournaments will each receive a casino championship and the top 50 players from this series of poker games. If you’re wondering there are currently 128 seats that are out for anyone’s taking.

However, there is a way in for those who are not eager to go through all that trouble, provided you meet the requisite parameters, those who have won a Circuit Ring already during this year’s poker series can buy a seat for the bargain of $10 000. Players who were in the top 100 of the WSOP Player of the Year leaderboard can also buy a seat. However, you would probably want to hope that more people buy seats than earn them. Why, well, the more seats are bought, the higher the minimum prize of $1 million could climb.
While the WSOP is not known for bringing out the biggest names in the world of poker, it certainly still attracts its fair share of up and coming stars, mid-level poker stars and more junior pros who are still racking up experience in their poker career. However, every once in a while, the stage is outshone by a heavyweight poker champion Daniel Negreanu who came in sixth spot in 2015, finishing with a total of slightly more than $63 000. A fellow hotshot who kicked Daniel’s ass in 2015 was Loni Harwood, who came in first place for a total of $341 559. How’s that for a day at the tables?

So far this year the favorite for the WSOP is Jose Reichard and Justin Harvell. However it really is anyone’s game.


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