G FUEL Helps TSM Cool Down with a Drink – Partnership

Team Solo Mid have long been the grassroots-turned-pros of the competitive eSports scene. Starting as a League of Legends (LoL) fan community with a rather barebones design and not as many people talking about the game, their portal has transitioned into the basis of a full-blown eSports juggernaut. And today they are a powerhouse.

A ‘G’ to Fuel Team Solomid’s Ambitions

Whilst reaping successes in Fortnite, the team has not been twiddling fingers rest of the time. The organization has managed to attract top talent for its Fortnite roster in anticipation of the yet-to-explode competitive scene for the battle royale title. And while they have been prepping, a new partnership has been announced.

Energy drink manufacturer & brand G FUEL announced that they were going to sponsor the SoloMid endeavors into Fortnite. A great way to kickback after an intense daily session of fast-paced Fortnite action, indeed, as the players would confirm.

And yet, we know little about the actual details of the deal. From the information now available, we know that G FUEL products will come at discount thanks to the vouchers players will get.

This is a rather common way of handling matters as most of the brands who engage in eSports extend not only complimentary goodies, but also expect the organizations to be making some small purchases here and there.

G FUEL and eSports

G FUEL has hardly used this Fortnite partnership to position itself in the world of eSports. Oh, far from it. The company is already working with varied personalities that are making big splash in video gaming.

The likes of CoD’s Dillon “Attach” Price and PUBG’s David “Fuzzface” Tillberg Persson are just some of the people who represent G FUEL and on whom G FUEL dotes the proverbial fizzy waters of a cool beverage.

Partnerships in the eSports sector have been quite abundant as a matter of fact. Fortnite is normally an exceptional pick for investors as it allows them to benefit from the diverse and large crowd that spectates the game.

Speak of potential, and it’s not only brands that stand of fair chance to get a piece of the action. A youthful 26-year-old streamer has been making quite a buzz. Enter Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins who bags in $500,000 every month by playing the game from his bedroom.

The potential in the sector is great and G FUEL is right to invest in a segment that promises to be so lucrative, but are there issues?

The Top-Heavy Bane of eSports

What is upsetting, though, is not everyone can be a Ninja. Twitch is particularly top-heavy, meaning only the upper crop will get to the point where they are turning a hobby into a lucrative business. For the rest of the streamers’ lot, everyone will have to hold on to their day job a little longer.

Still, as investment continues to come the way of eSports, it’s quite normal to expect that the entry-level will drop and more people will be offered an opportunity to write their own eSports history.

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