French Cardroom Winamax in Hot Water over Allowing Bots

One of France’s most notable poker portals is coming under a lot of fire, following Poker Industry Pro (PIP) report revealed several days ago. As a result, players have been miffed to the point of considering and pushing ahead with legal action against the operator, which reportedly failed to protect the integrity of its gaming operations, the statement read.

A Bot Footprint in the French Website

Even the largest poker operators have ills of their own. A report released by Poker Industry Pro (PIP) has revealed that Winamax, one of France’s flagship online poker cardrooms, is now facing a class-action lawsuit over the alleged use of bots on the website. According to an investigation carried out by PIP, at least two players had been using bots on the website, although one of the culprits was acquitted in the ensuing investigation.

While bots can’t harm the integrity of the game in the conventional sense, such as cheating, the bots were present at a number of Sit’n’Go games where they were useful to other ends, such as hijacking the chat and also posting eCommerce links. However, as technology advances, there are certain risks that need addressing.

A total of 16 players have joined the class-action lawsuit, making an official claim for as much as $280,000. Spearheaded by Maxime Lemaitre, a community member at Winamax, his investigation unearthed the culprits which immediately merited a ban from the platform.

The pair of players who had allegedly run bots individually were identified as VictoriaMo and Twopands. Even though they were suspected, Winamax decided to carry out an investigation prior to officially accusing the pair.
They were invited to play a number of Sit’n’Go games in the cardroom’s official headquarters. VictoriaMo agreed and played between 300 and 400 games, proving his innocence whereas Twopandas had refused and was subsequently found guilty.

Winamax Takes the High Road

Winamax agreed to compensate players based on the extent they had been affected to, but those payments were reportedly insufficient to offset the damages players incurred. Following Winamax’s actions, Lemaitre and a number of other players gathered up to launch the lawsuit.

This is not the first time Winamax has had difficulties with bots as the community has been reporting about the occurrence of non-player characters since the end of 2017. However, the claims were then considered not to merit a further look into.

Winamax didn’t address the issue even after a few forum topics had emerged on the community boards. Later, though, Lemaitre decided to take matters in his own hands and followed up on the tips that games have plagued by non-authorized software emulating humans.

The Pest That Is Bots

Bots have been putting a mounting pressure on online poker rooms. While not all of the software has had a negative effect on the gameplay, most of the AI advertising affiliated links has often been the source of much trouble, such as linking to phishing websites and trying to swoop up data on users’ personal accounts.

Naturally, online bots often have one mortal flow – they simply cannot adapt to changing gameplay and can easily be called out by vigilant community members.

But even then, by allowing bots on their websites, poker room hosts open themselves to legal reprimand from users who are determined to seek their rights by challenging the cardrooms for having failed to safeguard the player base from pernicious third-party software.

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