French Are Setting Betting Records for World Cup

It has been over a week since updates about the World Cup and some big matches are coming soon for those who want to wager. This weekend is going to be full of matches that World Cup fans will want to watch and bet on.

The quarterfinals are nearing, which has French citizens visiting sports wagering locations to place their bets. There are even new records for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in terms of how many people are placing wagers.

Arjel Regulator Speaks

The French gambling regulator, Arjel disclosed official stats, with regards to the amount of people wagering over the World Cup. The World Cup is happening in Russia, but the French team is still going strong and there is potential that they may be able to win it.

There are 48 group stage matches that occurred between June 14 and June 28. On those games, French bettors spent 363 million euros. In comparison, the 2014 World Cup saw about 166 million euros wagered, and about half of it was for the group stage. Total, for the entire event 290 million euros was spent by French bettors in 2014.

This year, the World Cup group stage is already exceeding the total for 2014. The amount is also higher than the UEFA European Championships, which has 51 games. For the amount wagered on UEFA in 2015, French punters spent 297 million euros.

About 159 million euros was placed with the 27,000 locations of Francaise des Jeux retail sports betting. The company has a monopoly in brick and mortar wagers. There are also twelve places that have online sports betting licenses, which are the places others have gone to wager a total of 204 million euros.

The French government is working to privatize its stake in the Francaise des Jeux, which they have 72 percent ownership of now. For the privatization, you could spend 3 billion euros. But, really who has that kind of money, except the best betting professionals and celebrities?

When it comes to the World Cup matches for France, there are three games. The volume wagered on the games is 11 percent of the overall amount, which equates to about 39 million euros.
The Brazil and Switzerland match garnered some of the biggest wagers from the French, but only equated to 17 million euros. The sum is the second-highest ever placed on once match. The first happened in 2010.

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