Free Weekend with Overwatch Is Upon Us

Blizzard’s Overwatch fantasy first-person shooter (FPS) has been somewhat of a success. The game is now entering into a four-day free weekend, meaning that fans will be able to experience the game without spending a single penny. More on this and the upcoming OWL Season Two follows now.

Overwatch and the Free Weekend Thursday – Monday

Overwatch has been quite the success these days. Blizzard leveraged an interesting league model which seems to have taken off. The inaugural Overwatch League Season was a huge success, too.

With the interest in the game growing, partnerships being struck and more players flocking to Overwatch to seek leisure and professional realization as eSports athletes, it’s understandable why Blizzard have decided to let fans play for free.

Started on August 23, the initiative will run through August 27. If you haven’t played Overwatch and wanted to for a long time, but don’t want to spend any money, then you have a chance to access the full game over the long-weekend.

Blizzard are in fact bringing all 28 OW heroes and you will be able to pick from the 18 maps available. And things are even better, because you will be able to pick Overwatch for any of the official device list, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The only drawback to the latest release perhaps has to do with competitive play, which has been restricted only to players who have purchased the game or who have reached level 25. If you are just arriving to Overwatch, then it’s unlikely that you will be able to hit the required level, even if you are quite prepared to grind.

Progress Will Be Transferred

However, Blizzard know how to incentivize their fans. With this in mind, players will be able to keep their progress without the need to pay anything in addition. Instead, they can just opt for the whole game right after the long weekend has expired.

The Overwatch League is in the meanwhile entering in the interim period between the two seasons. The League format has been so successful that Blizzard have been toying with the idea of applying it to yet another of their titles – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Meanwhile, the company has decided to continue and expand on the partnerships. In general, Overwatch has two types of teams – Home and Away. There are small ‘advantages’ some estimate with one team going first always based on where they come from.

However, Blizzard hasn’t yet developed a worldwide network where teams can compete locally. However, the company, as a true business organization, has been able to seal a few decent deals, according to reports. Blizzard has reportedly sold OWL rights to Paris and Guangzhou.

And the company intends to continue and keep adding partners. The main focus of Blizzard is to add as many partners across the world as it possibly can right now insofar as the OWL is concerned. However, Blizzard should know that players have been complaining of burnout, and this can upset any kind of deal.

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