Foxen’s Bid on the Poker of the Year’s Title

Wearing the crown is never easy, but the bragging rights that come with that are quite the reward by themselves. The Global Poker Index (GPI) Player of the Year (POY) is always fierce and while most players won’t admit it – they do covet the title that represents the ultimate acknowledgement of their efforts throughout the year.

Earning Points for Glory in Poker

The Global Poker Index (GPI) Player of the Year (POY) initiative has been developed to give incentive to players to participate professionally in poker events and turn the game into a full-time career. It’s also a neat way to track down the progress of individual gamers. Presently, it’s Stephen Chidwick who attempted to clinch the leading spot, surprisingly over Justin Bonomo.

However, both had to be disappointed by Alex Foxen – the man who is now at the top of the hill and surveying the poker ground while continuing to add money and titles to his name. Foxen recent successes have allowed him to stay active and committed on his road to topping the GPI POY leaderboard.

With a most recent victory in the Millions Dusk Till Dawn Main Event, Foxen added the respectable $948,000 to his name, allowing him to go way up in the overall standing and surpass Bonomo. It’s not entirely surprising to see Foxen win, as he has been spending a fair bit of time playing.

However, his proceedings only started kicking in higher gear around this and last year. According to Hendon Mob, a database committed to tracking poker players earnings, Alex Foxen has managed to amass around $6.1 million from live action games.

Following in the Footsteps of a Winner

There is no recollection of how much Foxen has been earning grinding online games, but his earnings have gone up five-fold in the past two years, making him a fresh and strong new face on the poker gaming landscape.

Unlike players who take the ranking as a secondary objective, as opposed to securing big pots of money, Foxen is actually determined to take the first spot as he has himself said before. Foxen is also involved with famous poker player Kristen Bicknell who has managed to secure the first Female Poker Player of the Year already. A second title may be on the cards.

With Bicknell and Foxen making a new assault on the summits of poker, it’s apparent how much the game has changed and how players who have kept a low profile may in fact come to dominate the scene quite unexpectedly.

Climbing the GPI scoreboard is no easy task easy, especially when faced with competition from the likes of Bonomo. However, Foxen seems well-poised to make a difference and top the field of contestants quite unapologetically at that.

Bicknell, who represents team PartyPoker is ahead of the competition herself, although Maria Lampropulos is also closing in, just 400,000-odd chips behind. Maria Ho is also there, preparing to launch her own assault on the title for the best female player in the world.

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