Forza Racing Championship Back for 2018

eSports fans have plenty to look forward to if they are racing fans because Forza Racing Championship is returning in 2018, with a nice cash prize. The top prize is $100,000. There is an overall total of $250,000 to be awarded, with $150,000 of the money to be split between other winners. The game is played with Forza Motorsport 7 by Microsoft Windows, so those who want to participate may want to start practicing with the newer version of Forza.

Dan Greenawalt, who helped create Forza told ESPN their ultimate goal is to bring fans of auto racing together in the world of gaming. They hope to reach gamers who love games and cars.

The Forza RC 2018 Preseason Invitational is going to kick off the goals of Forza and the racing championship. The invitational is the first in the tournament, which begins on March 24th. It is going to be hosted in Seattle.

A regular season will begin after the invitational, which is broken into two series. Each series is seven weeks of events, ranked, and the end will be a live playoff tournament. At the live event, the winnings will be $75,000 for the grand prize.

Twenty-Four Drivers Needed

When the two series are complete, the top twenty-four drivers will be asked to the Forza RC World Championship. It is during this championship that the prize pool is $100,000. Motorsports is expensive, which is why he believes the Forza game will help more people enjoy what they love without the expense. Sim-racing eSports is going to be easier to get into and while it will never be the same as driving on a racetrack—it will be a great experience.

eSports competitors can become top world players, recognized for their abilities. It is okay to be a champion using a computer or sim version. The Forza Racing Championship will have a point system, and the points determine who is going to advance through the series. Viewers will be able to spectate from home or at the tournament, enjoying the updates of who is winning from anywhere they can access the internet.

Greenawalt believes this type of championship is novel and will become something for all kinds of competitors including traditional racing fans. The nice thing about virtual games is able to think what is plausible, what could happen, and the physics of it all—trying to simulate real-world driving, but what if you had trillions and could design the perfect track? Forza is trying to answer the question, and they do not have to invest trillions to make it happen.

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